Photo of The Proton Waja Replacement Model: The Inspira

I’ve been monitoring the cyberspace for the new Proton Waja replacement model, and it seems Proton is busy getting ready to launch it into the market sometime soon. They have given TV3 the exclusive to the release which you can view here (will open new window).  I’ve always followed Proton and Perodua’s new launch with great interest since I’ve got myself my Proton Saga BLM. It’s not that I am planning to get a new car though.

Well, regardless of the spy shots and also the sneak peaks available online, here are the best images on how the new Proton Waja will look like (Taken from

The say it looks like the Mitsubishi Lancer… but putting that ‘Lancer’ brand aside, my personal opinion says that it looks fine from the front, looks great from the side, but looks rather funny from the front-side (notice the awkward front curve on the front bumper). Would you get one?

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