I’m fucking pissed!!  Work was usual, but I was told I could take my mum’s laptop from a computer shop in Wisma Seberkas today.  So, gladly, I went to the shop which is located on the 1st floor of Kuching’s primer IT centre.

I stepped in, asked politely about the ACER 4930 laptop I’d purchase for my mum, and requested to take a look at it.  They promised that they would prepare everything as I wanted during the PC Fair, like installing Adobe Photoshop CS3, removing the pre-installed 30 day trail McAffee antivirus and Microsoft Office 2007, and install me the full pirated MS Office and free personal Avira AV.  Well, despite knowing that the ‘eager’ salesman would promise anything to get me to buy a laptop, I was hoping that this was one of the few shops which would actually keep their promises.

Well, I said I was pissed… and now you know why.  They did my laptop a.k.a my mum’s laptop in such a ‘cincai’ way!!  All the trail version software’s were still well intact, and they installed al those software I don’t need, such as ACD See, AVG AV, and some weird software I have no clue about.  Topping that up is the fact that ACER didn’t even bother to bundle any driver CD, and I was really hoping for one!  I argued with the boss of the shop stating that my NEC VERSA which I purchased last year came with with a driver CD.  He said I was cheating, but hell…

I resolved the issue after they (the shop) agreed to give me a good price on a 2GB Kingston 667 DDR2 RAM for my own notebook.  After all, no point arguing if they also don’t have the CD.  ACER is at fault after all. And I guess I should say that I got free gifts worth RM 500, although I was not really satisfied that they replaced the Sonic Gear M2 speakers with some Sonic Gear Professional Headsets.

When I was done with that, I went to do my phone which has been having problems with its keypad.  Again, after they spent an hour opening and looking at the phone, they said I need to replace some buttons for RM55!!  I countered and said “Hey, its under warranty, why should i have to pay???”… Their reply was quick and it changed my face…. “Mr, you can see in the receipt, we only offer free service for a year,and don’t warranty for your casing”.  I replied with a huge sign of regret… “That’s too bad, you have the worst warranty ever!!”… The salesman could only smile, knowing I was already cheated… FUCK!

I left Seberkas about 6pm… and got struck in the jam.  I’m feeling rather tired, and disgusted with all those nonsense which happened today.  I’d really like to generalize by saying that all salesman are cheaters… but that would be too damn harsh.


  1. you really sohai la.. Acer norwardays where got Driver CD, they got recovery management which recover your laptop as factory default which has driver installed nicely with 1 press button.

    when come to laptop that dont provide any cd, there is always recovery system with it. So dont care about the CD.

  2. headsteadi
    >>> actually, I was told that the Original Windows doesn’t have any CD. The DOS ones have. I also thought it was the other way around. If I knew, I’d go for the DOS and get the pirated Windows.

  3. One other
    >>> I actually regretted buying ACER after I got it. I noticed that the design of ACER is the main reason it can’t last if compared to other brands. But then again, Its too late to regret.

    >>> yeap.. have to agree on that Deejay.

    >>> If possible, I’d prefer not to claim warranty as most warranty claims tend to disappoint me. You know, the long wait, the imperfect repairs.. and the money wasted if you have to pay to extend the warranty. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed so that it last… and yes.. I know where to get you.. but didn’t know that this was your line. Thought you were working in engineering or what.. 😛

  4. i work in this line, tech support.

    rule of thumb mun maok beli pc or laptop or any other thing lah lepas tok,

    check out the warranty dolok. tanyak apa2 nya kaber, apa nya sik kaber.

    need to know more, email me, sms me, pm me,

    you know where to get me 😀

  5. I bet the salesman must be the person who is conspiring to destabilize your relationship…just a conspiracy theory hehehe. But if she is reading this and if she hears more from her friends than I will blame it on her immaturity. Anyway love persevere no matter what 🙂

  6. Moral of the story: DONT BUY ACER. There’s a reason they sell it so cheap. I was conned once too. Now I am an IBM user, a much much better buy/investment. Happy weekend!

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