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I have been doing quite a bit of travelling lately due to work and well, some leisure reasons.  I’ve enjoyed Miri, Kota Kinabalu, and even Mukah for the past 4 months or so, and next week it will be Limbang.

Miri was indeed awesome as it’s like a mini Kuching and KK. I summed my trip in my previous post here.

KK was, well, we all know how that city shines with its mountain, beaches and island. Spectacular indeed.  I found myself speaking my rusty Sabah slang, while a new friend pointed out the best tom yam which was surprisingly just behind the hotel I stayed at for the trip.

Mukah on the other hand was simply relaxing with myself having huge hotel room at a low RM170 per night price, delicious umai, great sunset and a very relaxed environment.

I’m not sure of Limbang, but tales that I’ve heard say that it’s a small town with nothing really much to talk about.  I do stand to be corrected as this will be my first time to Limbang.  I am looking forward to Limbang because this is my first trip up, and although it’s basically a ‘business trip’, I am sure there would be times to unwind during the nights with my fellow colleagues and friends.

Next on my calender is Singapore.  I have tried going to Singapore several times during the past few years, with the latest attempt last June.

I’ve heard several tales of how organized Singapore is, and how the city is a shopping paradise with some parts of it having some very interesting scenes.  However, all my plans to go were cancelled due to unfortunate circumstances, with the most reason colliding with an event at home.

I do hope that I can arrange a trip down there in the near future and that this site will help me get some cheap flights into the Lion city from Kuching.

I know many are saying you should go to Universal Studio Singapore to enjoy Singapore, but aside from that, what is great about the Lion City?

For those whom have already travelled to Singapore, any comments, tips or bargains?


  1. there so much fun thing that u can find at Singapore… as i been there before, i find that its quit hard to shop coz it expensive but if u interested to buy gadget like iphone, etc i heard that there are so much cheaper than malaysia’s. and use public transport coz easy and cheap.. 🙂

  2. I enjoyed the train (MRT) ride in Singapore very much, my children like it too. Memang jauh panggang dari api banding dengan train ikan sardin di KL.


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