Possible Backlash as File Sharing Websites Blocked

When I knew that the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) is in fact blocking some porn sites, I just too it lightly.  Porn sites are not in my ‘frequently visited sites’, so I didn’t really care.  In fact, not only are porn sites blocked, but some other sites are also blocked.  These sites as I know are said to question ones religion. What religion, well.. you know I know-lah.

The list of sites baned for File Sharing

Yesterday The Star Online highlighted that the MCMC has instucted the internet service providers to block file sharing sites.

I guess the MSC Malaysia Bill of Guarantees which porhibits the cencorship of the internet means nothing anymore with so many sites now being sensored.

Regardless, I don’t think this move by MCMC will help Najib’s hard work in engaging the younger generation which spends hours online.  I see great backlash if the news proves to be reality, and with the 13th General Elections rumoured to be close, I’m sure the oppositions will have a field day.

Hey, even Hitler is pissed =P (watch the video)

Too bad he’s not Malaysian, and therefore can’t vote. LOL

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