Project Alpha in Kuching City


This event was stated as “STRICTLY BY INVITATION ONLY“, and I almost skipped it!  Serious.  I thought I couldn’t make it because I was covering Toys “R” Us, but thank God and thank Kenny because I was invited, and I managed to go.

Unfamiliar with Project Alpha? Then read about it here.

I arrived with Fahriee, and Irene soon arrived to.  Upon our arrival, we saw fellow Kuching bloggers like Mike, Anna and Rose already busy dancing/exercising to Doraemon’s theme song.  It looked so fun, that I wished I had time and money to sign up for Level-Up Fitness.

Well, since I wasn’t in my sports gear, I was left with no option but to sit out of the private Dance Aerobics class by Busman.  Thankfully Timothy of Nuffnangs was there to accompany me.  Soon after, Kenny came in bringing goodies for the Project Alpha Bloggers.

Frankly speaking, I was very attracted to the private Dance Aerobics. No kidding. I was really into it!  Imaging dancing to current tunes like Down by Jay Sean.  Only thing is, I also know that I’d last less than 10 minutes into the whole routine =P  Poor stamina baMike was exhausted. He made sure I knew about it by doing faces like below.

I think Kenny did a great job by having the Project Alpha bloggers at his gym.  Like he said.. “This is proof that blogging and healthy life style do mix well“, or he said something like that.  I managed to get acquainted with likes of Audrey, Jojo, Nicole, Huai Bin, Budiey, BeautifulNara, RedMummy and Budiey, although at some point, it was more towards saying ‘Hi!‘ as they were kind of busy shooting for Project Alpha.  Nonetheless, I managed to take some photos with the Celeb bloggers of Malaysia (yes.. Including Kenny himself =P ), but I’m not sharing my photos here.  Check my FB if you wanna see them.  After all, Fahriee was sort of my official photographer for this event. Orang guna CANON 7D ba.

The event was a success, and I am looking forward to seeing myself on YouTube shouting “Project Alpha in Kuching!!

Thank you Kenny for the invitation!


  1. got invited by Kenny for this event! Awesome~ How I wish I were one of the invited guest as well..=(

    Yeah. Didn’t expect to get invited, but I thank Kenny for the opportunity 🙂

  2. Hehehehe..

    You should’ve joined the class although you’re not in sports attire.. 😉

    Doraemon song is the best 😀 I like 🙂

    The doraemon song was what I really liked. Got me thumping =P

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