Prostitution Is A Sign Of Strength

I was moving around Petaling Street that night, and I noticed some girls on cigarettes leaning against a wall, at an alley. The alley wasn’t dark, and I could see that these ladies were between their 40s. They weren’t dress to kill, and they weren’t at all attractive (to me that is). However, something about them made me say that these ladies were prostitutes.

Their gesture and how they were just ‘hanging around’ some odd-looking motel seemed to make my intuition stronger, as they puffed out their cigarette smoke. Anyway, I could be wrong. I do stand to be corrected. (Photo above from

Nonetheless, I did a quick search on prostitution and sex in Chinatown a.k.a Petaling Street, and found the following message from this blog.

I stalled, collected my thoughts, and nodded to the statement. We all have looked down on prostitutes, and we think it’s a dirty way to earn money. However, under certain circumstances, particularly those mentioned above… I have nothing but pity over these girls which are forced into the ‘game’.

Your thoughts?

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