Review: Perodua Alza MPV


Behold, the PERODUA ALGA!!  Oppssss!! Perodua Alza.. Sorry about that.. teeheee….

Alright, I went to take a look at the MPV myself today since I was in town, and yes, I can say I was impressed.  The MPV looks like a longer version of MyVi, and God knows how I love the MyVi’s driving experience (I mean for a Malaysian car).

The good side of the car is the fact that it does look sporty and nippy, while being a truly Malaysian car with so many places to put your cups.  I could swear, there was at least 6 cup holders in the car, but this got me thinking… more cup holders, means the more possible for people to drink and eat in the car… That’s not good if you want a clean car =(  Well, nonetheless, I like the design of the Alza, and I can only imagine how ‘fine’ the MPV would be with those add-ons such as the skirt and vinyls.

Perodua was extra careful to seal off all the gaps, and defects the MPV could have as I personally felt it looked very solid, and feels worthy to be used Despite the new colours, the black Alza looks very ‘high-end’, and this is something Perodua can be proud off.

Space, which is always a major issue in any MPV, and sadly, this is just what Alza lacks the most.  If Proton Exora boast of huge luggage space at the back, Alza can’t say the same as the only have about 30cm left if all seats were occupied (7 seats).  I think, this is why Perodua introduced the tagline “Car one moment, MPV the next, because the MPV does best with only 5 seats made available, and the last low being folded down hence making huge luggage space available for use.  Well, I have to say that the MPV is better off without the last row anyway because I found the seats at the last row very much uncomfortable.

Another major issue in cars I always look for is comfort.  Thankfully, Alza scores big here because I found the seats comfy, except of course for the last row which feels like it was only meant for small kids.  In Kuching, Alza is prize above RM58k, and would need a deposit of RM500 to book the MPV cum car.  Overall, I think the car is pretty nice, although the name reaally sucks in my books.  But then again, what’s in a name?  The Perodua Alga seems to be worth it, and if you are planning to have a family in the future, but you are still single now, I really think Alga errr.. Alza is a good option.



  1. I would like to seek for an oppinion.Because from my point of view this car doesn’t have a very good air conditioner system. I mean this car have 7 seater. But it seems like this car doesn’t have any additional blower for the rear passanger. Somemore in this country (malaysia).. the wheter is quite hot. Nak gune tinted film gelap2 pun jadi satu kesalahan kat malaysia nie.. habis la sume orang kat malaysia nie hitam2.. 🙂

    Well, Maybe Exora would be better when it comes to air-conditioner. I know my SAGA has the best air-conditioned system yet. Even better than Toyota!

  2. i l0ve this dad wantd t0 buy it as a sec0nd car but dad cant decide between ex0ra,grand livina 0 alza..

    Ermm.. so many options, I think he’s really having a hard time, but my personal fav would be the Alza.

  3. i personally thinks that the car is nice! both interior and exterior. Might consider getting 1 when the $$ is enough 😛

    If I havent bought a car, I’d consider it. It’s nice, and comfortable.

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