Proton Exora, The Malaysian MPV


I saw the launching of the Proton Exora last night, live n TV1.  Everything was grand and lavish… and was perfect until… the theme song.  Owh my… They should have asked some artist like Jacqueline Victor to do the song.  It would have fitted into the classy event, but they asked their own ‘man power’ to do it, and I can say it was just ‘sumbang‘.

Looking at Mahathir and Najib standing side by side also seemed weird because Mahathir used to be the PM, and when Mahathir is addressed as the 2nd most important guest, it just felt awkward.  I don’t know, I was under Mahathirism, and it just seems out of place to see Mahathir playing second fiddle.

Well, the Exora is a 7 seater MPV which combines a lot of other styles and specs from other MPVs in the market.  Some say that Proton lacks creativity by doing so, but I take it this way.  They are innovative.

I mean, why should you make a car from zip, when you can combine all the best specs of other models, and produce a new car which is better and cheaper?  If some say it’s un-original, I say its SMART!  Put the ‘Malaysian pricetag’, and you get to be among the major competitors!

Maybe some of you are a little bit skeptical about the quality of Proton vehicles, but I’ve been using my Proton SAGA for like over a year, and so far, I can’t complaint about anything major.  Okay, maybe if I did complaint in my previous post, it would be about those small tiny winy stuff… but generally… the SAGA is a car without many hick-ups, and it’s cheap price (RM42k when I bought it) does not justify its overall quality and size.

From the pictures I could get from the internet, I noticed that the car is ‘grand’ for its price.  I’m freaking envious of the steering wheel, and the nice display on the dashboard.  Also love the fact that the MPV has lots of additional safety ‘stuff’, like double airbags, Anti Braking System (ABS), and the  immobilizer anti-theft system, which my SAGA does not have.

Just for those interested to know, the selling price in Sarawak is RM 78,380 for the H-Line (AT), and the M-Line is at RM74,380.  Booking fee is RM1,000 and you can get the car after two months. There are 6 colours available.

Well, here are a few shots of the new Proton Exora.  I initially wanted to use the shots I had, but it was way too bad, so I’ll settle for the shot from the Star (seen above), and the shot’s below, are from my humble Ixy 25.  You can hover over the pictures for details on the photo.


  1. Just came back from proton. It’s a nice car but then, I still have some reservations about this car.

    [Cyril Dason]
    Having reservations is normal.. but I have to say that Proton has improved alot… I’m saying this based on my SAGA.

  2. For me, it’s an imitation of Mitsubishi Grandis + Toyota Wish. Exora is rather overpriced, slightly higher than Toyota Avanza. They should put it between RM62k -65k, then it would sell like hot cakes.

    Can’t wait to see what Perodua has to offer for its MPV, which will be below RM66k. It’s going to be a rebrand of Daihatsu Boon Luminas (also known as Toyota Passo Sette). If they manage to fix the price like they promise without comprising the quality of Toyota Passo, then it will sell better than Exora!

    [Cyril Dason]
    I think Avanza is underpowered man, and considering the CC of the car(avanza is 1.3, and Exora is 1.6), I think the price is just nice. Perodua is gonna roll out their version of an MPV, and I am also waiting to see whether the can corner Proton.

  3. And regarding the launching ceremony, was shocked to see how they used a “spoof video on power window” created by my friends a years back without acknowledging it. Shame on such a big corp….

    [Cyril Dason]
    Is that so?? hahaha.. Save budget maybe… just like the singer.. but they should at least say where they got the video from..

  4. Yeah, I do agree with the lower power for Avanza (though it also comes with 1.5G model) but price matters these days. Hahahaha.

    Anyhow, hope Proton continues to upgrade its R&D and sell their cars at a slightly lower price without compromising quality (ala the New Proton Saga). I mean, what’s the point of selling them at the same price range as foreign cars (foreign manufactures are still handicapped with huge tax).

    [Cyril Dason]
    Hehehe.. like the Proton CEO said.. Malaysians want everything to be in the best quality, and to the utmost use.. and most importantly, at a Malaysian price..hehehe

  5. i look at this car and the first thing that comes to mind was bolehlah than i saw the interior and the only thing that came into mind was form in a question, sarcastic one i might add,
    “THAT’s IT?” that’s all they came up with?
    i mean considering the price stamped at 80k plus and we are expected to except such mundane interior designs..perhaps i’m wrong here but i think with 80k proton could at least gave me a better color of an interior for my troubles..but on the other hand, it’s proton. Plus, with 80k, you could either get yourself a foreign car with better quality or sponsor me 2000 packets of Kolo Mee at least.

    [Cyril Dason]
    heheh.. well, you have your own opinion, and well, its okay to look at the exora that way… sponsor you mee kolok.. hehe.. i also want if anyone wants to do so..


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