PSKPP Mini Zone Kuching, Lundu, Padawan & Bau


I finally agreed to join the PSKPP this year. After years in service, I figured it’s about time. Work… *shakes head*… I’d just rather not say. Those whom have met me personally know how I feel. Being 27 years of age, and being treated like kids is no way you can enjoy something.

For those of you not familiar with what is PSKPP, it stands for Pesta Persatuan Sukan Kebudayaan & Perkhidmatan Pelajaran. I’m not sure of the objective of the whole fest, but there was karaoke, poco-poco, football, badminton, cooking, and many more being contested.

Being someone whom has the worst stamina ever, I choose to play Scrabble. Other sports are simply out of my league, and dancing and singing ain’t my strong point, not that I would want to anyway.

This year, the fest was held in Lundu, and it was my very first time there.

The journey was fun with Martin tagging along with me. SMK Lundu played wonderful host to us, and despite the school being a little sad physically (because its an old school), I appreciated the hospitality and the cleanliness of the school. I think, I’d actually enjoy working here (SMK Lundu), but yeah..I’m already near Kuching, so why should I move. Won’t want to trouble myself.

Staying in the students dorm brought back old memories of being a boarding school student. Ahhhh.. They were sweet memories.. and that Saturday night we ate out and had frogs for dinner. If you haven’t tried these jumpy dude..You SHOULD!  Try em with tampoyak, and you’d be craving for more!  We had ours in wine.

Actually, the scrabble team from Kuching spent countless hours doing last minute training in empty classrooms and in our dorm, and we only ended our training at 12 midnight that night. Talk about being committed.  I think, I am the youngest among the group.

The next day, the competition was on. Despite doing so much last minute training, I’m just no match for the others. Out of the three games I played, I won once, and lost the rest. But I had fun, and I’ll be back for revenge next year. You bet I will.

Anyway, one of the best things about Lundu Town is that it has one of the best Curry Rice I’ve ever tasted. It tasted exceptional, and was simply delicious that I’m craving for it right now. The taste of the soft pork, mixed with the not so spicy curry..uummpphh!!

The best part is the serving of this special Curry Rice.

It’s served naked….

Bet you’re raising an eyebrow now..hahaha..


  1. Cyril, now i am feeling hungry when i read ur post. Bau will be my agenda this weekend. well..well..let me recall the shop located at the corner of the shophouse near the roundabout (my mental is processing…) that’s my dad fav coffeeshop. i had my first curry rice there too – me adore it. my dad said because they are using ‘kari cap senapang’. LOL. anyhoo, thanks for sharing your curry rice hunt and definitely looking forward to read your future posts on food. glorious food it is!

  2. ms LC:
    I’m reading this at night, and u just made me hungry.. I’m not sure how the curry rice in Bau taste because when I do go back to Bau, I only dine at one shop, which is the one near the roundabout 😛 But the best curry rice is in Kuching, 3rd mile in the old shops/market area old market.

  3. owh, I love ‘grogak’ masak soysauce+ginger. it tastes divine! owh, I love eating curry rice too! i prefer eating at one of the coffeeshop in bau (next to Blueberry Bakery shop). I went to the one that is beside Ngiu Kee but urghh, it doesn’t taste the same. I don’t really favour Lundu, cos there’s nothing to see except the wide beach…but if you say the curry rice would top the one at Bau, perhaps I should pay a visit to Lundu someday….

  4. TheEggYols:
    Not really. I can’t describe it, but you should try it!

    Aoklah.. toklah kesahnya 😛 Well, u never know if we do meet..haha.. I dn’t think I can represent the division yet. Still novice.

  5. ehehe…toklah tek kesah ktak mkn katak ya? katak msk tempoyak ya mcm sedap jak bunyi…tggu ku ada kekuatan lok untuk mkn…hehe

    scrabble? i joined it last year for d state level @ kapit (pskpp 2009)…tp jadi bidan terjun jak sbb x ckp org. tp nang tough juak game ya…semua yg ikut ya veteren2 jak…psychologically mmg aku dah awal kalah…heheh…who knows, one day the 3 of us (u, willie n me) might compete wit each other 😉

  6. Tak reti makan katak. Tried it once, but ended up vomiting. dunno why 🙁

    And yerp! I raised my left eye brow after the last photo there. Served topless! hahahahhaa.. If it were me, this premise will have no choice but to be shut down until further notice. it’s seriously against the food law regulation.. apron-less and what? shirtless? aiyo.. I bet he’s wearing shorts too. another mark just got deducted here.

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