Pullman Hotel Kuching Opening Gala Dinner


Pullman Hotel Kuching can probably boast of being one of the best hotels in Kuching, or maybe Sarawak as far as I am concern because when I stepped my foot on it’s glossy tiles, I can’t help but have this aura of class.

The hotel itself sits strategically on the Mata Kuching hill overlooking the whole of Kuching, and I honestly think it has the best view of the city at the moment.  In fact, with skyscrapers in this beautiful city lacking so much, everyone obviously can see how the tallest buildings available tends to benefit form having the best views of the city due to the lack of other rivals.

Anyway, I attended the Gala Dinner which was held in conjunction with Pullman’s Grand Opening on behalf of SHiOK Magazine.  If you’ve not known about it yet, I am one of the few contributors/writers for the magazine, and I can see SHiOk actually going places, but that’s another story.

Anyway, the Gala Dinner was one of the best I’ve attended, and it was just pure class.  You know those fancy dinners which you only get to see on TV?  Well, it happened in Pullman’s Colosseum that night, and it was just fantastic.  The atmosphere was romantic, and it really felt high-end, that I wished I was on a real date with my girlfriend. Fahriee doesn’t count as a date 😛

The performance by Chinatown Charlie reminds me of Micheal Bublé, and I really wished it was him singing on stage, but I wished I can’t discount Chinatown Charlie’s performance which nothing short of amazing with their jokes and dances. I’m just stating my preference if I was given a choice.  Think about it, a beautiful evening with a great companion and Micheal Bublé singing “I’ve never been in love before”… The perfect date.  Move all this up to the 20th floor overlooking Kuching’s fantastic sunset.. and I bet any girl will say “Yes” to any questions you may want to pop. I’m just saying.

The dinner itself was delicious, but the portion was small.  I always complain about small food portion, but it’s funny how I didn’t that night.  Must be the amazing cooking.  The waiters and waitresses were equally polite, and with everyone being very well dressed, who can complain about the dinner?

The after party, code name ‘Blast!’ was held at Liquid.  It was held after a 5 minute show of fireworks.  I couldn’t say much on this because I didn’t stay long, but I was to understand that famous DJ Joey G and Leonard T were there hyping up the whole thing.  I bet they got the party goers jumping all night.

With that said, I ‘d like to say congratulations to Pullman Hotel Kuching for a brilliant job. I have to mention that this is one of the best opening I’ve ever been to, and if Pullman were to organized everything like this for every event they have, I’m very sure they will have a long list of customers.

*Read more about it on SHiOK!


  1. Fahriee:
    LOL!! Secret ba.. shhhhh!! dah Pullman call. Worry doe!!

    Yeah.. It was amazing.

    Fahriee (Again):
    There’s no double post bro. Your comment is okay ba. And no need la send the photos. Im happy to use the camera and nasib the lense tak rosak 😛

    Uchu Keling:
    The fireworks shot was taken using my Canon IXY 25IS. The SONY failed during the fireworks, but the my DiGicam was very impressive. If I had used a tripod, I think the shots would be even better.

    Sarawak Bloggers will try to arrange something, but this invite was under SHiOK. I’ll check your location, and maybe if we have events there, I’ll let you know.

    I knew that was you!! The one in black and red scarf. I kept telling Fahriee it was you, but you wee busy. Didn’t wanna interrupt 🙂

    Didn’t take any photo of the food. It was too dark, and I had the long lense on, but yeah.. it was really nice. Even Fahriee said he should have brought Aida instead of me..LOL!

  2. Romantic atmosphere? Erm… Rugi I wasn’t there… Eyh, where is the photos of food? Tak mungkin…. Usually food will be criticized by bloggers ba. =)

    Photo taking first, then makan… LOL

  3. hey bro!! i didn’t know that you were there…how come i never see you around the pre-function area? and i saw your name card on my manager’s table.

    *after thinking for a while* oh btw…i was at the registration counter. can’t reli recognize ppl as we had to move fast.

  4. Oh ya..can’t edit the comment ka bro? Haha, sorry for the double post then..I can send some photos over to you if you want. After all they were taken by you. 🙂

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