QPR Is Half Malaysian Now

Glorious glorious day.. Queens Park Rangers or QPR is now 60% owned by airline tycoon, Datuk Tony Fernandez. I say it’s a proud moment for Malaysia to own two sides in the English leagues, one being Cardiff City, and now QPR.

Maybe they aren’t as big as Man United or Chelsea, but have you honestly ever dreamed of having a Malaysian own an English club before? I haven’t, and this news just gives me such pride.

To Tony, congratulations on being the owner of QPR, and I can say that from now on, I feel QPR and Cardiff are both part Malaysian, and hence having my support. First thing you need to do is change their jersey.  I’m fine with blue and white, but the pattern needs to be more modern/minimalist… My two cents-lah =)

Shall we see Safee Sali or any other Malaysians play in BPL any time soon?  Latuk Tony? Amacam?

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