Ramli, The Legend

I bet you have seen the advert on TV. It’s one of the many adverts which have caught my attention, and it is one of the few which I think is just inspirational. The advert I’m talking is none other than the MU-TM Ramli Advert. If you haven’t seen it, press play below (youtube video):

While the advert does seems flawless, Malaysians are indeed a quick lot when pointing out flaws. The proof is the comment which goes as below:

cane nak dapat 9A.. dia baru je UPSR.. ” (How to get 9A.. He’s just sitting for UPSR) –FYI, UPSR maximum A’s is 5.

There’s also the humorous Malaysian comments which got me chucling such as:

Ayah called Ramli : Ramli , balik la ke malaysia , main untuk negara ko , dah kena ngan jepun dua kosong semalam nak” (Ramli called dad: Ramli, come back to Malaysia and play for Malaysia. We already lost to Japan 2-0 yesterday)

Bapak dia nangis sebab ramli tak bawak dia jumpa rooney” (Ramli’s dad was crying because Ramli didn’t bring him to see Rooney)

The advert I believe was created based on the dream to see a Malaysian playing in the English Premier League, but based on the 100 over comments on the video, many seem to focus more on the ‘dream being not a reality’, and that the advert was so flawed. It’s indeed the sad part of the Malaysian culture: always looking at the negatives.

Malaysia is a football nation, and TM for me did a superb job in this Ramli advert. However, the English immigration rules are pretty strict on player imports, and Malaysians do have a very outside chance of ever play in the EPL anytime soon if the law wasn’t changed. Either way, it’s never wrong to dream, and Ramli is a legend for just being part of that ‘dream’. Hey, have you played and scored by playing with Man United (even on an advert)?

Well, Ramli has… even though it may have taken him like 5-10 takes just to get the goal in the net =P

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