Reaching High


Reaching High

Have not been updating frequently last week, and can’t blog hop because I was busy preparing my Robotics team for the state level preparation in Bintulu.  After 10 hours of painful butt ache, riding the bus to Bintulu from Kuching, and another 10 hours of butt pain, riding the same bus home.  I can say my robotics team reached another high note during these few days.

Check out the result here, and meanwhile… I need to get some rest.  Work starts tomorrow, and I’ll be drowing myself in tonnes of paperwork.  Anyway, this(last two paragraphs in the article) would be great.. if it were to be implemented as soon as possible.


  1. Aah yes..i gotta agree with you about the last two paragraphs on that article. And i believe many more teachers would agree. 🙂

    Congratulations on your team’s achievement.

    hahaha… same sentiment ho?? Thanks Chegu!

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