Recycle It, Or Dump It?


Yesterday, I did some ‘clean-up’ of my place. Basically, I gathered all the mineral bottles into a few boxes to be ready for the transfer back to my village, and smashed my collection of aluminium cans to make space for more cans.

Some of the cans which have just undergone ‘flattening’.

When I was 14, I used to collect sacks of aluminium cans, old newspapers and glass bottles. These items would be sold to local recycle vendors for some income to fund my next gadget purchase, such as the Walkman I always wanted. My parents encouraged me, and I always had this sense of pleasure every time I hit my target and was able to buy what I wanted.

Nowadays, I just collect it for the sake of keeping the environment cleaner, and reduce pollution despite the fact that this habit of mine does take up some space in my house. The price of these recyclable items has decreased, but they are still a worthy sell considering I’d end up throwing them away anyway.

However, after yesterdays clean-up, i noticed how much room I’ve taken up just for keeping this items. It does seem like a waste of space, and not worth the effort considering that the sell value would be less than RM10 after nearly 4 years collecting the items.

Should I continue collecting, or should I just take things the easy way and donate it to the rubbish bin?


  1. Despite the decreasing re-sell value, i’d probably send them to the recycle centre once they have occupied my space and creating sore to the eyes. Just to get rid of them bah 🙂

  2. Continue collecting and recycle it. Just limit with two trash bags and sell it. The return might not gonna be that attractive but you know you’ve contributed something for the better cause of our environment.

  3. The “right” thing would be to continue the good deed. Unfortunately we can’t afford to be idealists every time.
    Honestly speaking, it’s easier to throw around idealistic advice like “Recycle! Save Earth! Buy Malaysian products!” etc… but things are easier said than done, and harder to practice ourselves what we preach to others. ~sigh~

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