Respect Thy Religions


Now, this is one thing that has been annoying me for quite sometime, and after a while, I guess it’s time for me to give my two cents on what I’d describe as a ‘current issue’.

You see, I just feel that playing religious chants, songs and prayers of only one religion is not right in education institutions. While it may be well understood and tolerated that there are times there is a need to have prayers said aloud, but I do believe it is not compulsory to have chants and religious songs being played throughout the working hours and played aloud during recess time for the listening pleasure of the general public. If the institution is a religious related institution, I guess it would be hugely fine, but when the institution is multi-racial and multi-religious, I think it’s just disrespectful.

I am not underlining the importance of religion in education, but I think it justifies being more respectful over others which are of other faiths. After all, these education institutions are known as ‘national’ education institutions, and not institutions which are built by a certain religion such as mission schools, and Madrasah.  As for those working at these institutions, I believe you should be professional at work, and hence leaving out your religious preference for your own personal time.

With that said, I think one will only start respecting another, when both parties start respecting each other.


  1. owh, u’ve experienced that too? same here! to me it is one kind of a subtle harrassment. u know what i did? i went to Mr X’s table and i turned off the speaker, boy i felt so much relief. everyone’s happy 😉

  2. i don’t know how frequent they played the chants, songs and prayer in sch but i personally think that the songs were probably played due to certain events, eg maulidur rasul, etc.?

    • When it’s a religious event.. its okay.. but when there is no religious event… just an ordinary day, you hear such thing being played?

      I mean, imaging hearing Buddhist playing their chants during office hours in the office, or over the school radio,or over the speakers although its not even Wesak day?

      Or how about Christian songs played over the school speakers.. I think that’s also inappropriate if its not a mission school and it’s a multi-religious school, but then again… even mission schools do not do that, as i know.

  3. It’s called religious tolerance… respecting and tolerating those of different belief than yours. Some people are just more pronounce than some, and I agree with you. It’s just not right. I once had a roommate in first year who prayed 5 times a day, which is fine, but when it was 5 in the morning, she turned on the lights and started fussing all over the confined space until there nothing I cud do but wake up and pretend to study. Thank God they implemented the same religion rule for roommates a few months later. No offense to anyone but sometimes consideration is what keeps people sane and alive.

  4. I have to agree that sometimes they somehow overdisplayed their affection towards their religion, thus becoming very insensitive to their surroundings. I guess we are in a position where there is nothing that we can do about it. They are simply doing it to show their superiority over others. Ego oversized??

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