Review: HostNexus


HostNexus is one of the many Web Hosting Provider available on the internet which offer you web-hosting services. While I feel that web-hosting providers outside of Malaysia is expensive due to the currency difference, I do admit that HostNexus does have a very favorable website if compared to others, both locally and internationally.

While some web-hosting services do tend to keep things simple and less elaborated, I feel that HostNexus does have an edge when showcasing their services as they depict what they are capable of providing; huge bandwidth and a one click installation of needed templates in their website.  Apart from that, I did find navigation around their site amazingly simple on my 512kb/s broadband connection, and the combination of colors easy to the my eyes.

More importantly, I do feel that I did not have to do the usual ‘look-up’ when I needed any information as all the helpful links are easily located on the main page. As for the charges for their services, I guess it is affordable shall you be located overseas, but in Malaysia, it is a little pricey.  Nevertheless, I’d still recommend them and you could check their services and offerings by clicking the banner below.



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