Review: Mobile Fun


I came across this website while doing my usual online surfing. It has a very tacky name; Mobile Fun. The website itself if black and white, with a splash of green and blue here and there. A huge orange banner on the top of the whole page says “We now accept Paypal…“, while a bigger banner below shows recent promotions they are currently offering.

Below, it had other highlights related to a mobile phone which is really typical of an online shop. Since I was into the new iPhone 3GS, I decided to look it up on this site, and a simple click bought me to a site which shows a variety of stuff which are directly related to the iPhone. Here, I found a handful of iPhone accessories such as the iPhone case and iPhone car charger all listed side by side.

To be honest, I wasn’t intending to buy anything on this site, more evidently an iPhone or any iPhone accessories because the iPhone itself is hugely expensive. Even more interesting, is the fact that you basically need a contract with a local mobile operator to use the iPhone, and this normally means a contract. But well, I don’t want to go into that now.

Mobile Fun is generally easy to use. It has visible navigation, and novice users would find it resoundingly easy to search for a particular product. In addition to that, I felt that the simple reviews on products they are selling would benefit possible customers. The site itself loads pretty fast despite having huge graphical banners.

On a contrary, I disliked the arrangement of the navigation, and I didn’t like the colour mixture which was rally dull. In addition to that, the price quoted is only in Pound and Euro, despite it having shipments to other countries. My main problem with the site was generally in the arrangement of its tabs and banners which seemed rather messy.

Nevertheless, this is a good site by any standards, especially when they are regarded one of the best websites in this business by many magazines and agencies.


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