Review of my Proton Saga BLM after 4 years


See the car below?  That’s my dear car which I bought with my hard earned money. It was worth RM43,000 when I bought it.

I got it because it was a sedan, and it was cheap.  I gave Proton the benefit of the doubt, and still purchased them despite of their ‘poor record’ when it comes to their cars.

After four years, here’s what I have done to ensure the car moves with grace on the road:

  1. Replaced the aircond dial
  2. Replaced the head gasket
  3. General servicing every 5,000 km
  4. Replaced the rear brakes
  5. Changed one tyre
  6. Replaced the power windows

The fact is my SAGA has gone quite a distance with Mukah being the furthest.  It also moves out daily and takes me around town with ease.  Fuel consumption is at RM200 monthly with a drive around Kuching, and a trip down to Mukah will require twice refuelling with some extra fuel to move around Mukah and Kuching.  There was little problems when driving my SAGA around.

All the repairs I have made seem necessary and is part of owning a car.  In fact, the car did save my life a few times, thanks to it’s amazing handling system.

Unfortunately, when the incident below happened, I was really annoyed.

Of all the incidents, this is one which I felt shouldn’t happen simply because I felt a car handle should last a little over 10 years, and not four years as what my car is experiencing.

As for Proton, well… I’m sure the Preve is a good car, but there’s no way I’m buying an original Proton again.  The only Proton I’d buy is  a re-badged proton, such as the Inspira, which is actually a Lancer in disguise.


  1. Well on the bright side, Proton is a reliable car so far, engine-wise. It brought you all the way to Mukah and back and no harm done, right? Maybe next time you cud test it on a longer journey, say… KK? Next stop… singgah di HONDA! :p

  2. Inspira? Cool…there might be another re-badge car bro. Bayar habis dulu your Saga. I’m enjoying 2 year loan free for my Myvi (habis bayar). I am thinking of a new car. What car should i buy bro?

    • My SAGA is all paid already bro. I took a short loan so that the bank don’t untung ( i literally said that to the bank).

      Inspira may not be there anymore when I want to be a car, but yes, if it’s a proton, im going for a re-badge car.

      As for your car options, I fancy a Toyota Camry, Honda Civic and Honda City =)

      If that’s not it, I’d like the Perodua Alza. Heard they are better in terms of quality.


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