Riverside Majestic’s Sungkei Ria


In one of my previous post, I told you of how I loved the variety of food made available at the Macam-Macam Ada Buffet Dinner.  To day the least, that particular buffet is good for holiday goers and those looking to mix around with a good crowd.  But, I am not that type of person when it comes to dinner. I love privacy and ‘space’, including being a little ‘up-market’ when dining.  That’s why, Riverside Majetic’s Sungkei Ria is a good choice.

Delivering a good mix of Malaysian, Thai, Japanese and Western cuisine, the Sungkei Ria buffet is delightful and the atmosphere is more relaxed than the ‘pasar ramadan‘ atmosphere you get at Grand Margherita Hotel’s Macam-Macam Ada Buffet.  There was soft music accompanying your dining experience, and the crowd was less ‘rushing’ in getting the food served.  All of this translated into more attention from the waiters and waitresses, and also the chefs!  Ask yourself, how often do you get the cook of your food coming up to you explaining that mouth watering dish you are about to take? For me, it’s a rare occasion.

One of the highlights of the buffet from my opinion is the grilled chicken.  The meat was soft, tender plus amazingly juicy that I couldn’t help but have two!  Also worth to highlight was the famous sushi line they have, which was made right in front of your eyes.  To top it off, the Sunkei Ria buffet also served fresh musles and a variety of sea food.

I believe I ended the dinner with extra weight, and a bulging tummy (again!!).  Therefore, my advice is that if you are looking for a nice buffet dinner, probably a romantic one… Riverside Majestic Cafe Majestic has the answer.

One note, I didn’t reveal all the name of the food available at the Sungkei Ria. Two reasons… ONE, I don’t really bother about about the food name while eating ( I never do actually), and TWO, I kind of lost the press release which contains the name of the food which I marked as ‘delicious’.


  1. Robin:
    Heheheh…i love musles..

    Bring your family bro. Should be interesting.

    hehehe.. when I look at the photo myself, I also feel hungry.

    Nono Fara:
    I tried them.. Yumm!!

  2. ambooiiiii bab makan lagi. one thing i liked about dining at hotel is the food arrangements;neat, clean and mouth-watery even from a distance. nice shots of food pics and it makes me feeling hunggryyyyyyy.. 🙂

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