Sarawak Bloggers 1st Anniversary

It’s been close to a month since this significant event, and I’ve yet to say anything about it. So many things are on my mind, so this event sort of left my mind every time I am thinking of what I should write.

Well, 2 weeks ago (yes, it was a long time ago), we had a simple gathering and anniversary dinner at Myst Cafe to symbolize Sarawak Bloggers first year anniversary. Things were planned out within 3 weeks, and due to commitments and inability to outsource sponsors, we decided to ‘self-sponsor’. Myst Cafe was kind enough to sponsor some food, while the rest was covered by myself, and Rodz sponsored for the door gifts. The rest of the coordinating team played their part by sponsoring man power. If you ask me, these guys are indeed an awesome bunch because they are willing to do all this, and help me out in the gathering free of charge. Like myself, I believe they do it out of passion.

The gathering started around 7:45PM as planned, and there was 23 of us. There was 3 cakes, two ordered by myself, and one huge one sponsored by Desmond J. Thanks Desmond!! The event went by simple with registration, a short speech by yours truly (it was less than 3 mins okay!), followed by dinner, some games, cake cutting and finally photo taking. We also saw Mike forced to quit his diet, Tasha beating up Fahriee, Angel distributing her ‘hand made’ keychains to the coordinating team (thank you Angel!!) and so much more…

We also had the bloopers of our One Sarawak video shown! To see what literally happened, check the video below:

Yep, it was simple, but I believe most of us left with Myst that day feeling bloated, cheerful and had built a new network of friends. There was also 3 observers from Peninsular Malaysia with us from YouthWorks.Asia. They told me, they were amused by how passionate we are in building a community via Sarawak Bloggers, and yes… I admit, we are indeed.

You see, Sarawak Bloggers was never really about finding the next Kenny Sia. It was never about making myself famous, nor was it about promoting the coordinating teams blog. It was all about making people come together, be friends with two common interest, which are blogging and Sarawak. As the days go by, I believe that this is now happening, although at a very slow pace, but it’s there. Why i it slow? Well, East Malaysians are a shy lot.

The beauty of blogging is that no one judges your race or religion based on your blog. If they like your blog, they will continue reading, and when they actually meet up with you, they would be your friends on a very positive note. For me, that’s a good thing.

The truth is, I foresee Sarawak Bloggers having a great future ahead, and as the founder of Sarawak Bloggers, I can’t help but feel proud over how far it has gone from a year ago, until today. We have received numerous feedbacks on how they look up to our bloggers, and the ones below are only some of the written ones I could collect.

If you ask me what’s key to the ‘greatness’ and ‘awesome-ness’ of the Sarawak Bloggers, let me tell you this one true fact; It’s not because of me… but it’s because of the awesome people in the community which fuels the community to become great. They are the heroes of Sarawak Bloggers, and they deserve every bit of acknowledgement of making Sarawak Bloggers respected and awesome.

To everyone who has been supporting Sarawak Bloggers, thank you from the bottom of my heart. We are here because of you.

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