Sarawak Bloggers Splitting???

I’m sure you are well aware of how fast Sarawak Bloggers has progressed. Things seem to be happening well for us. Too well. We had ASTRO, major local hotels, the Sarawak Tourism Board and many more big names talking to us to strike partnership or work with us.  Everything seems to be falling right into place, but now… there is a situation. To cut a long story short, check out this video which can shows you what’s happening.

Well, you guessed it right. Power struggle, dissatisfaction… probably the formation of a new community.

But wait… it does sound a little like what’s going on in our country, right?

Apparently, one of a major party in our country is having such a huge ‘administrative problem’. Can you guess which one?

Well, I bet, if you replay the video above, you can relate it to something.. heheheh… Don’t you just love the drama in Malaysian politics?

and NO.. the administration of the Sarawak Bloggers is not splitting. We are strongly united and working hard to bring the whole community to greater heights. Give us time, because we are just a little busy with our daily work load. As much as we would love to dedicate 101% of our effort to building the community as fast as possible, but Sarawak Bloggers does not pay our internet bills. Our day job does that.

So everyone, don’t worry about the Sarawak Bloggers. We are pushing for it to succeed, but we need time.

As for this post, and of course the dramatic title… it’s just my way of asking all of you to check out these guys from The Effing Show. Their sarcasm is out of this world, and you’d most probably (just like me) laugh your heart out watching their 10 minute something show.  Their latest episodes are about the canning incident in SK St Thomas, Kuching, UMNO’s general assembly, and of course, our latest budget is really interesting. (Click the link to check it out)

Seriously, they can make my bad day turn sunny. Here’s a link to their channel, or you could just watch one of their episodes below:

Now, who says sarcasm ain’t fun? 😉

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