Sarawak Borneo Street Dance – Are You Ready To Flip?


Remember this post on Boyination?

I was simply blown away with the moves shown, and a huge admiration of these dancers crept into me. They flipped, twisted, jumped and danced to the music, and it was obvious not everyone can do such moves.  I know I can’t.

Well, this coming November, Kuchinginites can hope to enjoy a good awesome dose of such moves again as the Malaysian Tourism Ministry (Sarawak Office) is organizing the Sarawak Borneo Street Dance Competition 2011. Those interested to win RM1,500 should try their luck and join up the competition. Details on how to join are shown below:

To top that up (and this makes me super proud), the Malaysian Tourism Ministry (Sarawak Office) has decided to partner with Sarawak Bloggers for the event. Recognition? Hell yeah!!

More details can be obtained here.

I’m definitely going to be there to see the action, and I hope you will be too!


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