Sarawak Election: Making my choice for Sarawak

If everything goes well, it will be the third time I cast my vote tomorrow, the second time in a place I now call home. My maiden vote was in a place I grew up, and after that, I switched my voting station to where I currently reside because I believe that I should vote at the place I stay so that I can see what’s going on around me, what has been done, and what needs to be done. I mean, that’s why we vote right? To choose a representative who can address our concerns and do something about it.

Prior to the huge day tomorrow, I’ve been reading newspapers, listening to news and watching videos which are closely related to the election. Regardless of all these however, I feel that I’ve already made my choice way before the election was called, and this time around, it was an easy one if compared to the previous two I’ve participated.

As usual, there are calls from many, especially West Malaysians, asking Sarawakians to vote wisely, but if you read this article, you know how I feel about that call.
Sarawak Elections 2016 1
A week before, a friend tried to convince me to join a political rally from PKR. He told me Wan Azizah was one of the speakers. I declined politely, but he said that I should not vote for BN. I’m not sure if I gave him such indication by declining the offer, but his exact words were “If you vote for BN, you are going to suffer for the next five year.” He added “I went to these PKR talks and I was told by people that came from Selangor that the government of Selangor under PKR will give RM1,000 whenever someone in the family dies. If you have a baby, they give you RM500. If your kid goes to university, they give you money. They also give free water. They don’t look at skin colour” he added. Not sure if the gifts of cash in Selangor are true, but if I’d have to answer him back, I’d ask him what made him think I was currently suffering?

Anyway, I decided to cut the conversation short and smiled. I also told him I am not a huge fan of the Anwar family, and hence my reluctance of attending such talks.

However, deep down in my mind, I knew the exact reason why I didn’t want to go to any political talks for any political party, which is the fact that these talks will always be biased.

After all, these political talks are aimed at securing votes, so they will either promise the world, or tarnish/make fun/poke hateful remarks of their opponents (which is the West Malaysian brand of politics).  Personally, I prefer the empty promises to the hate campaigns because when promises are not met, they open your eyes, but when you hate someone, you can be heartless and blind.

As someone well connected to the world via the internet, I believe I am well aware about what is happening in my country, what more to say my home Sarawak.

I believe I am objective in my decision, and I am voting based on my experience, thoughts and observations, with my emotions well set aside. One can hang banners, posters or even put their adverts in my face, but it will not change what I have seen for the past few years.
Sarawak Elections 2016 2
In fact, if the campaigning period did anything to affect my decision, it was to cement my firm belief that my choice is right, and that I will be voting for a particular party that I believe can serve me best for the next five years.

If the person and party I vote for tomorrow wins, then I hope to see my elected representative do his best to serve everyone in my constituency fairly, regardless of race, religion and political beliefs.

If he/she/they fails to do just that, then in five years, I will not vote to retain the representative. It’s as simple as that.

Perhaps some of you may say I should vote to save Malaysia but unfortunately for you, the last time I checked, this is the Sarawak Elections, and I think I should be voting for my own Sarawak, and not Malaysia.  Malaysia can wait for the coming General Elections which is due in two more years.

Until then, it has been an exciting 14 days, and I hope who ever is defeated tomorrow, will accept the defeat with grace and work for a better Sarawak with the winning team.

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