Sarawak FA, SOPA, PIPA and Intellectual Property

Now boys and girls, I know this seems petty and small, and some may say “Dude, what’s the big deal?“. But it still hurts by any means.

The thing I’m talking about is the use of my images without permission/without crediting me.

I was browsing the net, looking for news on Sarawak’s latest import, and I stumbled upon a Facebook page which is one of the many which says they are the fans of Sarawak FA. Fine, that’s good, until I found this image.

Under the general heading was how much the jersey cost and where you can obtain it.  I don’t want to mention any names, but I hope they realize their mistake.

I double checked with the image I had in my blog (as you can see above).

See the difference? Yes, probably, you’d notice the watermark by now (just added it), but there ain’t no difference as it’s the same image.

So why am I pissed? For starters, the image is mine. It took me 5 shots to take, and some simple editing to get it right. The whole process consumed a few minutes of my lifetime, and now its used by someone without giving me even the slightest credit for the effort. Yes, I know, some of you may say “Still, what’s the deal bro?

You see, I’m TOTALLY FINE if you want to use my image. I’m super excited and happy if you do! It shows the things I take with my camera phone matter.

The only thing is, I’d really like to be given credit for my effort. Hey, use it as you like, but please do credit me for my effort. It isn’t really that hard. Simply say ‘photo credited to’. How hard is that? It’s not like I’m asking you for money, but I will if you use it for your business.  Such action also shows you respect the owner of the image.

To top that up, crediting the owner actually relieves you of your liabilities. Shall the photo be sued or asked to be taken down, one could trace its origins. You are basically protected.

Well, I’ve said what I wanted to say, and since its for Sarawak, okaylah.. this is the most i’ll say about the matter.  Just to note, I’d like to say a BIG HUGE Thank You to the people at UltraCrocs for actually asking for my permission to use my photo above, and also crediting me for it. Thanks guys!

So that’s that, and now the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) . The two US based acts which is related to copyright infringements. The good thing about both acts is that your products and hard work is protected by law – if you are in the US. Cases like what has just happened to me could be avoided, or I could actually sue to get cash if I did find someone using my photos.

So Do I agree with SOPA and PIPA? As a matter of fact, I do think the law is good, and we should start somewhere before copyright infringements becomes uncontrollable. However, my Malaysian side does still want my free movies and free downloads, so that’s why I’m a little against it.

However, if it was gazetted, I won’t be complaining about it too much because there is actually more good than bad to the act. The thing is, Malaysia and Malaysians are the least affected by such a move, and there is little point enforcing such law in Malaysia if enforcement remains ‘meh’. To top that up, the paperwork and legalities needed to just make it a case would burn a hole in your pocket, so yea…I agree with Googlen when they said that SOPA and PIPA will not protect the smaller companies, but eventually kill them, where as the huge corporate companies will live on.  No money, no talk, no lawyer, no rock.

Point is, if SOPA and PIPA was implemented, do it worldwide. Make complaints on copyright infringements easy and less costly to actually battle it out, and as for my images… a small word of ‘credited to’ is simply more than enough. At least you are giving this humble yet unknown blog of mine, some advert space on your site/page/blog/space.

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