Sarawak my.Paradise T-shirt

You see, I got this t-shirt from Penang which I have been using a lot. It’s simple, and lovely, and it cost me a freaking RM49 if I’m not mistaken.

 I’d love to wear a Sarawak t-shirt, but the problem was the designs available in the market are not really my taste. I like simple designs, and so I thought why not I design a t-shirt reflecting Sarawak and hence I came out with the design below:

It’s not one of those hi-tech photoshop designs because I’m very new at Photoshop, but I like it anyway. I’m planning to print 25-30 pieces (limited and one time printing only) and I’m charging RM20 for each t-shirt (excluding postal charge). If you are interested, drop me an email with your name, t-shirt size and address below. Payment method will be advised.

I HAVE ALREADY PRINTED THE T-SHIRTS SO ONLY 3 LEFT (Extra printed)–as stated in the form. Only black available.




The sizes available are S, M left (size is following Orange Sports Size – I use L btw) and the material of the shirt is cotton.

I will remove the form here when I have reached the 30 pieces limit.

Please note that this is a personal project and not in anyway linked to Sarawak Bloggers.

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