School Time Caricature


When I was still in school, a friend of mine (Jessie) drew caricatures of all of us in class. Her talent was obvious as caricatures she drew had a stark resemblance with each and every one of us.

11 years has passed, and a few weeks ago, I saw this smacked on one of my students table:

The caricature above made me pause for a while, as sweet memories of my secondary school years come into mind.

 I wasn’t top of the class of the typical ‘football team’ guys you normally see on American TV series. I was ordinary and did what every student did. I had my small counts of mischief, and my class was one of the most united.  We were so united that we excelled in everything, bad or good.

To be honest, now that I mention it, I really miss those good old days all I had to do was study with good old friend.



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