Selling another new IT gadget starting from RM10

After successfully selling numerous items, including a baby stroller, my old mobile phones, and well.. a few other stuff, here I am again promoting yet another auction.

This time around, its a brand new spanking D-LINK 4G LTE USB Adapter.
DLink modem
For those of you not familiar with this device, well, it’s basically ‘a modem’ which will allow you to connect your computer to the internet service provider you are using (Like Celcom, Maxis, Umobile etc).

The difference here is that this USB Adapter, or popularly known as Dongle or Modem, is 4G enable, so you can get up to 100Mbps from your network, if they do allow such speeds. Internet speeds of 4G are the ‘in thing’ nowadays with Maxis, Digi, Celcom and Umobile all claiming they have the best.

Now, you must be wondering why am I selling this brand new 4G Modem.

It’s just an unfortunate thing really. I was secretly buying a new laptop for my wife’s birthday and Christmas, and had a small window to conclude the purchase. In the heat of the moment, I decided to buy a 4G modem for myself, thinking at that very moment I was purchasing a MiFi (similar to a USB Adaptor, but it can connect more than one devices).

I only realized I bought the wrong item upon reaching home, and the store said (which they are completely right) the mistake is mine, and they will not accept a return or give me a refund.
DLink modem 3
So, with a modem I do not need, here I am, selling it to the highest bidder. The modem would catch about RM289 plus (excluding shipping) at Lazada if you check the item here, and I am selling it with an opening price of RM10.

If you are interested, you have like 3 days to come up with the highest bid at this site.

Please observe the terms.

Happy biddinggg!!!

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