Patriotic songs are normally boring, but there are two songs which I think are really lovely. One is ‘Setia‘, sang by Francissca Peter (photo below).

Francissca Peter – Original singer of ‘Setia’

You can check out the song in the youtube below:

The second one is the 1Malaysia theme song by Lim Kok Wing as seen in the video below:

Not sure if you share the same sentiment with me, but I love the songs above because they are lovely and I feel they are well tuned. It has nothing to do with my political affiliation what so ever, so please don’t be judgemental. I’m just a music lover =)


  1. I like the song Kamek Teguh Kamek Bersatu (1Malaysia Sarawak Version) too, also by LimKokWing if I’m not mistaken. Here’s the link:

  2. I didn’t know the title of the first song was ‘Setia’. Always sing that in school last time during assembly and see it a lot in TV. Taking political issue aside, I think the 1Malaysia song is great. 😉

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