Sex and Reproduction


Today, I am entering the chapter ‘Reproduction and Growth‘ today.  I think this is one of the many chapter’s in Biology which youngsters at the age of 17 are eager to learn.  WHY?? Heheheh.. you know la why…no need for me to explain.  Some of them even requested that I delay the discussion on the topic so that they could attend the class…hahaha…

Regardless of many beliefs, sex isn’t a topic which is foreign to the younger generation any more.  Children, as young as 10 years old know of what is a blue film, and sex.  As a matter of fact, some have already seen it, and ‘done it’.   Maybe some of you are sighing in disbelief, and maybe some of you think I am just exaggerating, but it is very common to find videos of students having sex online, and recorded sex clips in students hand phones nowadays.

In fact, I came across some students whom actually admitted that their parents watch pornographic materials together with them, as if it is a common ‘U’ rated movie!!  When I heard of this, I went “WTF??”.. I know, you don’t believe me, but yeah, sadly… this is just what is happening nowadays.

For me, the million dollar question would be “Where is the responsibility of the parents?”  Often, parents let go of their responsibility and shove it to teachers in schools.  When something good happens, it would be because they are good parents, but if something bad happens, like their children become glue sniffers or get involved in fights, it will be the teachers fault.  Talk about crap.  I always thought that good education must start at home.  Not in school

Anyway, I made a survey today to see how many of my young adults have actually had seen a full grown porn movie (as in a 5 star rated movie la).  It was a completely anonymous survey.  My reason for this survey was simple: I want to know whether they could imaging when I was to explain about the structure of the male and female reproduction system.  Well, the results were not s surprising with more than 75% saying they have looked and watched such movies.  No wonder Malaysia is thinking of blocking porn next year.

Well, I’m not sure what you guys think, but I emphasis on ‘open-minded-ness‘ when going int this topic.  I know how this topic would excite the male students, and the females would be ‘shy-shy’ on it.  Nevertheless, I will ensure that the lesson will not derail from it’s main purpose, but at the same time… I encourage them to ask anything they want.  I will answer, if I can…  After all, at the verge of adulthood, it is important to know about yourself, and the opposite sex.  Today, I asked them to draw their own reproductive organs, and label the parts, next would be on the menstrual cycle, and how the sperms and ovum’s are produced.

As for pre-marital sex, I will do my job as to not promote it among these young adults, but at the same time… I will emphasis on the need to know the importance of contraceptives, sexual transmitted disease and the need to respect the opposite gender…

Indeed, my class will be turned into a ‘sex ed’ class for the next few weeks as I anticipate lots of questions on this particular chapter.  Nonetheless, I would stick to my opinion that it is better to educate these young adults on sex, than to leave them in the blind, hence indirectly promoting them to unofficialy do their very own experiments, which you guys know would be very very dangerous.


  1. I think sex is just a exciting thing to do between male and female. They just think of having fun thats all. Not only that, they think that having sex between male and female is a a enjoyable tyhat they enjay doing that anywhere.

    But i think that sex is good think between male and female becuase they can interact between each other in any way.

  2. Why normal science subject that I used to study didn’t have this topic hor *LOL*

    Science is a general subject, so you learn a little of everything. But now that you are grown up.. I am sure you know everything in detail..hehehe

  3. Students nowdays are exposed to pornogrpahy and some of them know sex better through books and experience.

    Well..morally, the move by govt to ban porno site is good. In terms of human rights? I’m not sure. Hahaha

    Anyway, I don’t watch porno so i am not bothered with govt. proposal. Hehehe best of luck to them.

    Yes, I agree with your point on student’s knowledge on sex. Its really higher than ever!! Well, banning porn is good, but i doubt it will be effective. Like they say.. “Makin tutup, makin org nak tengok”, kan?

  4. i remembered when this topic was being taught in class, da guys got very sexcited! haha..i mean excited 😛

    Hahaha.. yeah.. now that’s a new word for me.. SEXCITED

  5. When I was in skool I didn’t really enjoy studying this topic as both of my science and biology skip the topic and straight away taught plant reproduction. he3x

    Yep sex ed should be taught but in an informative condition and open minded situation

    That really too bad coz the topic is interesting, and well, it is in the syllabus and should be taught.

  6. Safe sex should be taught much earlier than that. The best would be when they are in Form 1 or Form 2, the time when they are so curious about their body parts.

    Agree! Nowadays, it should be something to be taught at an earlier stage.

  7. hahahahaha In school, male students really love this topic… and most of the male students, have already watched all kind of BLUE… 😛

    Nice topic for form 5… Reproduction… hahahaha

    Male students.. BIASA la.. buh female.. hmm….

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