Sex Education In School: Yes, No, Maybe?


Ministers and the those concern are playing around with this issue. Some papers have said teachers are not willing to teach such a subject as they worry of being sued, but I believe that this is something minor, and sex education should get the green light from both the parents and the ministry. I don’t mind getting my hands dirty. It’s nothing kinky, it’s just education.

Well, ultimately, I am in agreement about introducing Sex Education in formal classes. Maybe the students do not have to have an examination on it, but it is important to spread knowledge to these youngster. As adults, we all know how porn, sex materials and how easy these things are made available to children which are underage. We are also made aware about the increasing number of baby dumping, the increasing number of self recorded porn, and the huge decrease in morality among the younger generation. Also, there is a huge decrease in boy-girl respect with a huge amount of ‘touching’ without care regardless of gender in all areas, and need I say more about chivalry?

That’s why, I believe that there is a huge need for sex education. As I teach Science and previously Biology, this topic would normally be the medium for students to ask about sex oriented stuff, and me being me, would answer them in full detail, and why they need to understand such a thing. In fact, when I explained how abortion was done, most of them (including boys) looked freaked out, despite a few trying hard to show their poker face. And honestly, I believe parents would be surprised of what sort of questions are asked. I think, to date the top question would be “Can swallowing semen cause me to get pregnant”. I know, some of you are rolling your eyes in disbelief right now. 😛

My point is that we can’t hide sex education from our young ones forever. Our kids are growing. The internet is a huge source of information, and sex related materials are found easily. Children are getting more daring, as parents spend less time with their children, hence leaving the responsibility of educating their children to their maids, grandparents and even worst the teachers. With the fact that some parents are not ready to talk about sex related topics with their children, it would only be natural for the child themselves to do their very ‘own experiment’ without knowing the consequences.

I think, if you can’t stop them, at the very least, give them knowledge on it, so that they will know the consequences and probably avoid unwanted pregnancies. What say you? YES, NO, MAYBE?

Note: Photos are taken from numerous sources over the internet, and only included for illustration.


  1. The intention is always good. But the implementation might take some time to figure it out especially when there are too many subjects in schools today. We might face difficulties in adjusting our timetable unless teachers are willing to go home at 4 pm daily. And the students are willing to stay that long in school.

  2. Willie & theeggyolks:
    Yes, I agree. The subject should not be included as a new subject, but rather combined under other subjects. Maybe include it in PJK or Moral. Science is also a good option, but at the moment, I believe Science is too ‘pack’

  3. This topic had been taboo for so long. But sex activities among youth have become more active. We have to accept the fact and start teaching youth about safe sex and responsibility from their action.
    It can be taught under PJK because if not mistaken, PJK also teach about body anatomy.

  4. Hebat gambar last ya. Source? Hahahah. In all seriousness though, I think sex education is essential. There’s nothing dirty about sex; it’s a natural process. Sex is only dirty if you think of it that way.

    I also agree that there shouldn’t be any academic burden when it comes to sex education. PJK sounds like the most suitable candidate for this job methinks.

  5. I think this should be teach in school. This have been the issues way back during my school time (if i’m not wrong) but has not been implemented fully. Almost everyday we saw in the news about newly born babies found dead wrapped in old newspapers and plastic bags. Ain’t this make we wonder why this thing happen. Well, there’s a bad side also if this things taught to the student as we all know at those age the curiosity are very high and that can lead to the want-to-try kind of things. But if its done the right way it might be a good medium to deliver the right information to these students. I still remember during one of bio class last time our teacher show the videos on abortion and it’s really scary hehehe

  6. Naomi:
    That’s right. In PJK, they have something about the body anatomy. Problem is, it is always ignored 🙁 Anyway, I agree that we should teach the children on how to have safe sex, with also noting that pre-marital sex is not encouraged due to a lot of consequences.

    LOL!! The pic, Google la bro.. Thought it looked extremely appropriate. Anywayyyy… you have a very good point there. Sex is only dirty if you think it is, and yeah, again, PJK sound like the perfect subject.

    Wait, you saw that video as well? My Bio showed it too.. The girls shrieked of fear, and it was really scary to see what they actually do to the unborn child 🙁 How can people be so cruel?

  7. Yup! But i think it should start from HOME. Parents should take charge on safe sex education. Don’t wait until their children go to school and put the sole blame on teachers. Besides, it’s more “comfortable” to talk on this issue with someone you’re familiar with.

  8. The reason why it’s taking so long to be implemented in school is because TEACHERS are not ready. You just can’t ask a BM or PJK teachers to teach this topic and plus MALE teachers would get too excited when FEMALE students start asking “arousing” topics and perhaps vice versa. 🙂 It would bring more negative effects.

    I guess the reason why it is hard to implement in Malaysia is because of our students’ mentality. Majority of them think SEX is for pleasure and fun, rather than from scientific point of view.

    Well…start young and start from home….

  9. Looi Chin:
    Yes.. actually home is the best place to start this education. Just that, parents nowadays push the ‘job’ to teachers 🙁

    I believe, Science teachers are ready to talk about the whole thing from a scientific point. You’ll be amazed how these kids do not know simple on sex. Yes, the male students will get all excited, but when you start to tell them about the dangers, while linking it to real life situations, they start to keep quiet. But I don’t know how long is the effect. And yes, education on such thing must start at home.

  10. Sex education, with todays lifestyle, is a must. The teenagers especially needs to know their body anatomy in details and thus know the consequences of getting carried away with their enthusiastic hormones. The STD, the communicable diseases, and worst, unwanted pregnancy.


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