Sex, Trash Talk & Sensitive Parts


I was given a link to this one blog. Pretty interesting stuff. I would really love to share the link here… but when a friend known for her controversial comments and ‘Gung-Ho’ style comments shares me a link in private, you know the stuff ain’t for public. Yep, sensitiveeeeeeee…..

It has everything!

You nak ‘Ketuanan Melayu’? – Ade!
You nak ‘Gangster style trash talk’? – Ade!
You nak the typical ‘Wannabe kingpin’? -Ade!!
You nak the Malaysian style name calling? – Fulamak!! Aderr jugeee.. or is is ‘juga’?
You nak new age ‘print screen’? – Cayalah, dah check, Ader jugak lah!
Nak cerite pasal ‘penderhakaan’? – Iskh… ada juak pok!!
How about ‘nilai nilai murni’? – Eyh eyh.. itu ada juak!!!!

The only thing missing I bet was sex, romance and well, girls… eyh wait, Girls got. Sexy or not, I don’t know.

It’s like reading an epic Malay novel, crafted with so much juice, you’d just end up shaking your head in disbelief.  Epiccccc dohhhhhhh!!!

But on a serious note, I’m baffled. How can someone so respected become so rude, childish and not mentioning immature?

At 28, he should know better than to lash out on someone simply because he hates the bits of that person. What’s worst, he dares to even ask that someone to be humble, when clearly he is as much arrogant as he claims that person to be. To add to it, he actually has supporters to his actions, some other public figures whom also choose to support this childish acts of his. Ironic huh?

To be honest, if this dude is the future leader of Malaysia, Lord, please have mercy.

But before I end, suka saya nak katakan “Post ini hanya satu permainan kata-kata untuk hiburan. Ianya tidak berkaitan dengan yang hidup atau yang telah lama mati“.

P/S: The title is merely for SEO perposes… Gotcha! hehehe

Kalau berani, PM me =P


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