ShopBack is going to give me items worth thousands for my coming birthday!

When you read the title, it is likely you’d be wondering why the hell is ShopBack, a cash rebate company, planning to give me a birthday gift worth thousands!

The list of items are all available of ShopBack’s list of merchants and they include the items in the photo below:

That was a pretty intense list, wasn’t it? – Told ya’ it’s worth thousands!

Well, with all disclosure, technically they aren’t giving me those items for free but they could be giving me any one of those, if I continue to shop with their huge number of merchants which continue to give me a cash rebate every time.

Since I started this year, I’ve gathered RM77 worth of cash rebates from my online shopping, so if I go on, I’d likely be able to get so much more cash especially since I’ve friends also wanting to buy stuff online, and I am ‘helping’.

Perhaps by now, you are wondering what the f*** is ShopBack. My bad for not explaining.

FYI, ShopBack is an online loyalty platform in which they give you back cash for every expenditure you make online, via their links or affiliate, which now grows to over 1,300 global & local e-retailers.  The video below would explain a bit.

That said, if you want to earn from ShopBack, you need to always login to ShopBack first before you check out your items. This is so that your rebates are calculated correctly. For me, I added a shortcut on my web browser as you can see below, to ease my shopping.

After signing in to ShopBack, the rest is pretty basic online buying as you can see below – in which you need to use the online store links in ShopBack to earn your commissions/cashback.

If you are like me, preferring to scan for items on my mobile app more often than using the computer, than you can always put in the stuff you intend to buy in your shopping cart first, and later on login to ShopBack, use the link from Shopback to go to the store you have loaded with your goods, and pay for your items. Sort of like what I did below.

I know it’s a little more difficult than simply tapping checkout on your mobile app, but saving a little more, on top of the discounts you get when you are already shopping online, makes it worth while. – FYI, ShopBack works with all discounts already offered by stores. So you get rebates, on top of your discounts.

An example would be this trip to New Zealand which I hope would become a reality in the near future.

As you can see, I already gain RM531 worth of discounts for the trip from Expedia (also a ShopBack merchant), but ShopBack is giving me up to 6% worth of rebates if I do buy the whole package –  That’s RM600 worth of cashback!

But, hey, if you want to save even more, use my ShopBank link here, and get an immediate RM5 ShopBack startup credit (rebate).

Owh, joining ShopBack is FREE bah, and benda bagus, mesti share, so that’s why I’m writing this post… plus because I’m hoping that they would boost my cashback to RM800 by chosing this blog as one as they best post they have.

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