Shopee coupons make it easier to save when shopping online

I’ve been shopping online at Shopee a lot these days because I’ve found a great place to fish for Shopee coupons recently.

While I do not exactly favour Shopee’s current layout, there’s plenty of ways to save when I shop at Shopee.

I guess without noticing, I’ve slowly ditched my traditional online shopping malls for Shopee.

I know so because I am checking Shopee first these days, and other sites do come later.

After price checking, I find myself returning to Shopee for the product because there’s more discounts available, hence allowing more savings.

However, that’s not the only reason I’m drawn to Shopee. In case you are wondering, these are the reasons why I choose Shopee more for shopping these days.


This may be the lamest reason why I am slowly shifting to Shopee.  However it is a fact I can’t deny. Shopee has like thousands of items on sale at reasonable prices.

Shopee coupons

Most eye-catching to me is the ‘Lowest Price Guaranteed’ section.

This section offers rebates in Shopee coins if I can find another place selling the same item at a much lower price quoted by Shopee’s ‘Lowest Price Guaranteed’.

The coins collected can be used to claim extra discounts for other purchases. So far, I’ve not had a chance to use this offer as prices in Shopee are the lowest I can find.


Considering I am now venturing into t-shirt making, Shopee allows me to sell my shirt on their online store for free.  Other online malls do charge fees so as a businessman, I technically need to lose money, to earn some.

My online shop on Shopee

This isn’t the case with Shopee.

Shopee gives me access to a huge ready market to sell my tees with almost no capital for advertisement.

It also allows me to gain trust from potential customers as Shopee has a policy of only releasing payments to sellers once the items had been received by the purchaser.


I did mention about the ‘Lowest Price Guaranteed’ section, and this point here is mainly at that.

However, if you noticed, prices of items sold in Shopee are somewhat cheaper than other online malls. Perhaps its due to their rental or commission structure, I don’t know but it is cheaper than the rest.

I am just happy prices are retained low with some items going on crazy sales at specific hours of the day. This encourages even more shopping although I do admit I’ve tried to cap my urges from spending on unnecessary things.


This free shipping campaign is recent. In this campaign, Shopee allows buyers like myself to get free shipping for the three orders of the day. That’s huge savings if you ask me.

No doubt there’s terms and conditions attached to the free shipping campaign, but it is still a nice gesture which helps reduce the cost of the item ordered.


Last but of course not least, would be how easy I could obtain a Shopee promo code from ShopCoupons.

These promo codes are technically discount coupons which reduce the total prices of items purchased even more.

I mean, sudahlah Shopee gives me lowest price guarantee, then free shipping, and now I get to use Shopee coupons to save even more! It is literally enticing!


Right. Shopping online in any online shop is really simple that it’s so easy to buy something with a few simple clicks.

However, with items sold cheaply, I always ask myself if I need these items which are sold at cheap prices.

Chances are, I may not, and buying them would eventually lead to wastage.

Hence why I tend to take about a week to scout of offers in numerous online stores, and pouncing at the item I want only if I can find worthwhile coupons at ShopCoupons because the idea is simple. I really need it, and I want it cheap, and such strategy helps.

Anyway, thanks for reading and happy shopping!

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