Slipping Tongue


“Whenever you said you’re sad, i feel like a failure

Ever slipped your tongue?  Well, I have… On numerous occasions.

Sometimes, I mean well, but the way I put it, puts me in bad light.  Sometimes, I mean to compliment, but I end up making people angry.  A bad choice of words?? Yeah, I guess so… I don’t think I am the type which would put things in such a sweet manner, as I am frank, and blunt when speaking my mind.

Do I twist words around?  I guess so… I do twist them till I myself can’t understand what on earth I am talking about.  Try explaining cell division to 30-40 teenagers.  I have a good feeling they don’t know what the hell I am saying to them, but they remain interested to see how ‘in-intellectual’ I am in talking shit.

You might be wondering why I am all of a sudden talking about this.  Em, well *shakes head*, I was kind of worried about someone, and I kind of forced that particular person to go to the clinic to get treatment.  That person agreed to the ‘go to clinic part’ but disagreed on the ‘treatment’ part.  Bluntly, I lamented that there’s no point going to the clinic if that person doesn’t want to get treatment.  And then, the person agreed with me, and decided not to go at all.

So, my so called ‘brilliant plan’ backfired, and now, I have regrets.  “Nice going Cyril!!!”  I could have choose words like “You should get treatment so that you’ll get better“, or “Why not I accompany you in the treatment room so that we could face it together?“…. but NOOooo.. I had to go for the harsh “You don’t get treatment, better no need to go!!” Awww…. that’d hurt anyone.

So much for being a gentleman.  At 25, I’d expect better from myself, and this latest revelation just proves that I still have so much to learn about manners, and ethics.  Other than that, i guess I have to improve my social skills which seem to be killing me slowly.  Maybe I’ve been watching too much movies… or maybe its the Football Manager 2008 game I’ve been playing for ages.

Yeah, blame it on those shit.  The hard fact is… I’m human, I make mistakes… and I have to slap my face twice (or trice), and smell reality that I need to improve my personality.

By the way, One Other is designing a really cool shirt which say “Don’t be fooled, I just act like I care”, which has no connection to this post what so ever.  I just think its good to wear that shirt when I attend those parties where people go “Hey Cyril, when is your turn??”, and I could directly smile and point the wording to them… and I must point out Justin’s blog.  I found this post of his really touching.  Wish I could write like him.


  1. There’s a saying you know….if you do not make mistakes now, you will make them later on, so at 25 its ok to make slip ups or slip tounges… even experienced former Minister Samy Vellu once said – ‘Itu semua Tuhan punya kuasa’ whenever he makes some slip ups 🙂

    guess you and Samy are right:D

  2. Reminds me of the saying, where the tongue slips, it usually speaks the truth. Most of us can’t handle the truth though. 🙂

    ahh?? You’ve got a point there… I mean that “most of us can’t handle the truth”

  3. Thanks for the link bro, appreciate it reli much. Will return this favor very soon =)) but during some occasions of a time, its ok to slip your tongue. That’s life….we learn from mistakes

    JustinKC’s last blog post..Candle Light Dat Burn All Alone

    Ahh.. no worries man. I link to you coz I found your post really awesome. Its my pleasure! Yeah, learn from mistakes… the hard way… =-(

  4. Hehe. Thanks for the promo. I’m collecting names now. Will be doing it by end of the week, before next month. Now I know im not the only one who gets that treatment, makes me feel better. 🙂

    Meantime, whats ur email please? (mana nak cari u punya email sini aa?)

    You’re not alone. Honestly, this issue kind of makes me ‘kurenk’ when going to my kampong. Anyway, my email can be found on the “Contact cdason” or to make it easy.. its

  5. ‘The tongue is mightier than the sword’ goes the saying.But in this era,so is the pen or should i say keyboard!We can say,write,type sumthing than can hurt others even when we dont intend it to.Yea,humans juz cant handle the truth. 🙂

    Yeah, the keyboard… hehehe… seems most of us are on agreement that ‘humans can’t handle the truth’


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