So, Now It’s Dayaks With ‘Cawat’


DISCLAIMER: If you are offended by this post, just leave….  Its my own opinion.. and I don’t think I’ve incited any racial disharmony here.. but if I have, let me know =P

If you are wondering why Parti Islam Se-Melaya (PAS) never made any impact on Sarawak politics, here is one HUGE good reason: They divide us united Sarawakians. Period!!

I have, yet again and again, expressed through this blog, or in real life, why I am so damn proud about being a Sarawakian. It has everything to do with DIVERSITY. It has everything to do with multi-racial-ness, and above all, it has EVERYTHING to do with UNITY.

While our newly appointed PM is busy promoting his 1Malaysia concept, we people in Sarawak have long embraced the need to respect and remain united as Sarawakians, hence already focusing so much on the concept of 1Sarawak, or in general, 1Malaysia. Sometimes, I wonder why there is even a need to propagate the need of having such a vision (the 1Malaysia vision), when I see and observe people in Sarawak are well united, despite any arising problems or political difference.

Now, with I get it as I read how PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang blaming the Opposition’s loss in April’s Batang Ai by-election, solely on ignorant ‘cawat’ or loin cloth wearing voters who did not know how to vote.  Such ignorance, such stupidity and such misconception of the minorities especially when they make up the majority of Sarawakians prove to be a clear reason why the 1Malaysia concept should be embraced.

I just can’t get it right in my mind.  I mean, an illustrious leader of such a huge political party like Abdul Hadi (No point calling him ‘Datuk’ since he is so ignorant) openly claiming that Dayaks are still wearing cawat?  Either he is blind, or he can’t differentiate what is ‘cawat’ and what is ‘normal clothing.

Either way… if he says that “Dayaks wear cawat”, then my ‘cawat’ is clearly expensive because it is made up by Padini, B.U.M and other major brands which are internationally re-known.

If that is the case, then most probably, most Malaysians wear a ‘cawat’….

So, please stop belittling us Sarawakians, or more specifically the Dayak community.  If you are ignorant, go to school and educate yourself… and yes..  KUCHING HAS A MOSQUE, A CHURCH,  AN INDIAN TEMPLE and A CHINESE TEMPLE ALL WITHIN 1KM OF EACH OTHER, and apart from the usual Muslim prayers, we have WEEKLY LIVE BROADCAST OF CHURCH SERMONS EVERY SUNDAY MORNING on our local radio…

The key is respect… No one has complained about having this things around as we respect each other regardless of religion and race…  Don’t believe me? come to Kuching, and you will see how all races/religion can sit down in ANYcoffee shop to eat freely, regardless if it is owned by a whoever it is.

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  1. Why must it always come down to polarizing rhetoric with them?

    You are right, they lost coz they don’t ‘get us’ It’s like west M’sia is so obsessed by the “Us vs Them”. It was never a big issue with S’wak. JOBS, food, progress, conservation, rights. Woo us with that!
    Attempting to set up an Islamic state here is not going to work. That was my biggest issue with them and the DAP/PKR-PAS alliance. No matter what they say, fundamentally at the core, that’s what they want. It is not the solution.
    A secular MULTI-cultural party that unites people with similar goals for a nation and takes care the interest of ALL its citizens will be much more appealing.
    We dont have to be ‘colourblind’ so to speak, CELEBRATE our cultural diversity! If you want to wear a cawat, by golly wear it with PRIDE!

  2. When you think about it, we’re not the outdated generation here. They are. First for thinking that ‘cawat’ is equal to their fancy pants. *not even close, they should try it, it’s verrrrryyyy comfy and promotes blood circulation and improves the brain function*. Second, for degrading our culture. And third, for making a personal attack when they’ve lost all ammo. You should just admit defeat graciously. This only makes you look worst.

    True enough. His comments and failure to admit defeat only makes him look worst. And ‘cawat’ is in fact very good for the body, and very much comfortable. I’d actually prefer to wear one to work if I was able to do so… ‘Berangin’ ba ;P

  3. Indeed! Hadi has always caused problems even within the PAS party itself. I know Tok Guru Nik Aziz wouldn’t have said such a thing, that’s why Kelantanese even Chinese support him very much. And we do have Church, Temples, Mosque in Kelantan as well despite being ruled by PAS for so many years.

    On another note, do not underestimate Hadi. He said so, not because he is ignorant. It’s part of the political game plan that he always did, like when he declared all Muslims under UMNO as Kafir years ago.

    He knows what’s happening in Sarawak, and he knows the development. It’s just his ploy to cause some unrest within the Sarawak community.

    I always wondered why PAS has vocal support from Kelantanese, and even the Chinese. Now I know why… and I also agree with you, that he is just playing mind games. But then again, he shouldn’t have said such words because it hurts the locals. It’s more to a personal attack.

  4. hadi awang is infamously known for his sharp tongue. not all malays in teregganu like him and they prefer nik aziz/tok guru to him for tok guru does not boast so much like him.

    hadi awang had crossed the line derogated us and he can’t take his words back anymore. now we know how cruel and stupid he and his followers are. bak kata pepatah, bagaikan katak dibawah tempurung. He just cant believe that swakians can live in harmony despite different kind of races and religions. he just cant accept that christianity is so much alive in the land of the free & home of the brave, sarawak. let us not incite hatred towards them by burning the flag (it only shows that we are following those extreme saracens who like to burn effigies and flags and so much more uncivilised), we CAN put banners that say WE WILL PRAY FOR HIM TO GAIN MORE KNOWLEDGE OF US BEFORE SPURTING OUT HORRENDOUSLY STUPID WORDS. AMEN.

    I agree so much with you Nelson. We shouldn’t burn their flags, but putting up posters like you recommend would be much more decent. We should not incite hatred, but we should also always preserve our culture and defend our own people. Let us pray for him to open his eyes and repent, and know his mistake. AMEN.

  5. I’m one of billions of Sarawakian are totally 200 percent agree with you, not because i’m one of the Sarawakian and am biased, but this is the truth, the fact and the reality. Of course all the Sarawakian, men or women are wearing ‘cawat’, but modern ‘cawat’ made of expensive cotton or linen. We are made off from different races and languages, but at least, the least of all thing, we are still the very much 1Sarawak United and that’s the 200 percent the fact….how would you answer that? Try us…..!!!

    Rilex Ranee… No need to try us… just ask them to come and see for themselves how well united we are, despite the odds.

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