Sonar Tribal: The emergence of Sarawak tribal music


Sonar Tribal. Maybe not many know of these guys, but I can’t stop heaping about them for lots of personal reasons.

For once, there is a music group I can relate to because they not only play beautiful music, but because they are heavily Sarawakian infused.

Secondly, they are doing it all for a cause, which makes them really something. They are also final year students at UNIMAS.

Thirdly, I know them and they know me, so it’s really a ‘friend-friend’ thing going on.

Last Friday, I caught them at Atelier, and Maclean whom is sort of their team leader and mentor joined Mike and I at Risk.  It was fun particularly when Maclean is indeed dangerous at his mind games, making what he called ‘gentleman agreements’.

Anyway, Sonar Tribal I hope is here to stay, and that they can stay away from ‘outside influences’ whom are simply ready to pounce them for profit.

Not that I am against them (Sonar Tribal) making a profit, but I just don’t want others to make a profit at their expense and efforts. Things like this will kill Sonar Tribal.

Well, indulge in Sonar Tribal below:

(Recording at UNIMAS)

(Song should be playing automatically)
And if you haven’t got their EP, get it at Ateliers at a mere RM15.  I bet you’d fall in love. My fav in particular was the track above named ‘Runaway’.

Here’s their live performance at Atelier, but I have to warn you of the audio recording. They actually sounded amazing live.


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