Sony Ericsson W705 Review

The W705 phone

Recently, I changed my mobile phone yet again.  It does seem that I’ve been changing my mobile phone rather often, but I really hope this will be the last time I’ll be doing so for at least the next 5 years.  My latest phone is the W705, a Walkman featured phone by Sony Ericsson.

The normal cost of the phone would be above RM1k, but thanks to an ex-student, I managed to get it for only RM750.  Nonetheless, do note that the phone is a second hand phone, and was used for about two months before the 1st owner eventually decided that the phone was not to her desires.  When I purchased it, the phone still had a good 10 month sun-used factory warranty left, and all its accessories (like headphone, charger, USB cable, CDs) factory sealed.  I think it was a good bargain because the phone was in fact as good as new.  Err.. the phone you are seeing in the photos is the phone I bought, well… after a few month I’ve used it… The scratches you see are because of me =P

Wi-Fi: A key feature on a mobile phone!

One reason prompted me to get this phone: Wi-Fi.

The previous 3 phones...

I have used so many phones (namely the Siemens C35, the Nokia 3310, the Nokia 2100, the Sony Ericsson(SE) K750i, the SE 550i and finally the SE 770), but I must admit the W705 beats all the rest hands down, and with style.  Problems I had with the SE550i puny key pads are now a thing of the past because the W705 boast of comfortable key pads which are fantastic for replying SMSes.  At the moment, I still have my K770 phone, while my K550i has been donated graciously to calm the ‘angry’ fishes in a river close to Siniawan  =P

Normal SE Walkman phone setting

Navigation around the phone is also easy and simple, especially if you are very familiar with the software layout of Sony Ericsson.   Overall, I have little complaints about the software provided by SE because it is basically very standard for a SE Walkman phone.

An example of the photo taken with the phone

The camera of the W705 is also pretty decent, in which it boast of a 3.2 megapixel camera.  However, I wasn’t impressed with the image which cropped up on the 2.4-inch screen, but upon transferring it on to my computer, I changed my mind (refer to the image above).  The image couldn’t beat the traditional digital camera, but for a camera phone, it was smooth.

Well, despite the positives, I do have small reservations on the phone.  One in particular is the volume of the speakers.  Despite the W705’s reputation of being a Walkman phone, which is suppose to produce un-disputed sound and music, it fails in just this very area.  The volume of the external speakers could be easily defeated by a K770i phone, which is suppose to be a camera phone.  In addition to that, I wasn’t impressed that this phone lacked GPS, which should be something available in phone’s of this nature.

Nonetheless, I have to say that this is one phone that I really think is worth every penny spent, with or without any GPS.  Most importantly, it’s Wi-Fi function allows me to surf F.O.C (using any available public wireless point) when I am attending meetings waiting for someone, and this really serves for a great way to kill time, and eventually avoiding that feeling of ‘wasting time’.

Urghh.. I think I’ve mention ‘phone’ way too much now.. I’m getting ‘phone-a-phobic’…

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