Sony Ericsson W705 Review


The W705 phone

Recently, I changed my mobile phone yet again.  It does seem that I’ve been changing my mobile phone rather often, but I really hope this will be the last time I’ll be doing so for at least the next 5 years.  My latest phone is the W705, a Walkman featured phone by Sony Ericsson.

The normal cost of the phone would be above RM1k, but thanks to an ex-student, I managed to get it for only RM750.  Nonetheless, do note that the phone is a second hand phone, and was used for about two months before the 1st owner eventually decided that the phone was not to her desires.  When I purchased it, the phone still had a good 10 month sun-used factory warranty left, and all its accessories (like headphone, charger, USB cable, CDs) factory sealed.  I think it was a good bargain because the phone was in fact as good as new.  Err.. the phone you are seeing in the photos is the phone I bought, well… after a few month I’ve used it… The scratches you see are because of me =P

Wi-Fi: A key feature on a mobile phone!

One reason prompted me to get this phone: Wi-Fi.

The previous 3 phones...

I have used so many phones (namely the Siemens C35, the Nokia 3310, the Nokia 2100, the Sony Ericsson(SE) K750i, the SE 550i and finally the SE 770), but I must admit the W705 beats all the rest hands down, and with style.  Problems I had with the SE550i puny key pads are now a thing of the past because the W705 boast of comfortable key pads which are fantastic for replying SMSes.  At the moment, I still have my K770 phone, while my K550i has been donated graciously to calm the ‘angry’ fishes in a river close to Siniawan  =P

Normal SE Walkman phone setting

Navigation around the phone is also easy and simple, especially if you are very familiar with the software layout of Sony Ericsson.   Overall, I have little complaints about the software provided by SE because it is basically very standard for a SE Walkman phone.

An example of the photo taken with the phone

The camera of the W705 is also pretty decent, in which it boast of a 3.2 megapixel camera.  However, I wasn’t impressed with the image which cropped up on the 2.4-inch screen, but upon transferring it on to my computer, I changed my mind (refer to the image above).  The image couldn’t beat the traditional digital camera, but for a camera phone, it was smooth.

Well, despite the positives, I do have small reservations on the phone.  One in particular is the volume of the speakers.  Despite the W705’s reputation of being a Walkman phone, which is suppose to produce un-disputed sound and music, it fails in just this very area.  The volume of the external speakers could be easily defeated by a K770i phone, which is suppose to be a camera phone.  In addition to that, I wasn’t impressed that this phone lacked GPS, which should be something available in phone’s of this nature.

Nonetheless, I have to say that this is one phone that I really think is worth every penny spent, with or without any GPS.  Most importantly, it’s Wi-Fi function allows me to surf F.O.C (using any available public wireless point) when I am attending meetings waiting for someone, and this really serves for a great way to kill time, and eventually avoiding that feeling of ‘wasting time’.

Urghh.. I think I’ve mention ‘phone’ way too much now.. I’m getting ‘phone-a-phobic’…


  1. Laa… rupa nya ini yg you update… yeah, agree with you.. I like the keypads anyway… senang ba mok sms… and screen dia besar… nanti we two tukar okay… you guna mine… rofl.. *joking*…

    Sayang nya speaker ja not that loud… lagi loud yg mine… or even the other mine… walaupun yours walkman… kan kan? *walaupun you dah letak dlm post… tp saja nak ulang yg ni* lol

    Yalah… that’s just it.. the problem is with the speakers =(

  2. “At the moment, I still have my K770 phone, while my K550i has been donated graciously to calm the ‘angry’ fishes in a river close to Siniawan =P”

    Haiyo… untung ba that fish.. now boleh guna phone somemore… cuba you call that fish.. mana tau dia angkat… blup..blupp…

    Yeah.. I call them.. and they said.. “blup.. blup.. blup.. bbblurrppp!!” hehehe

  3. ive been using my sony z610i for 2 yrs now.
    have never thought of changing it since it still serves me well. 🙂

    Well, your ‘iman’ kuat.. hehheheh. I can’t stand when I look at new phones. Heheh.. but hopefully (with my hands crossed), I can stand this time.

  4. I hope this cell phone will last you longer than your other phones lol. Be careful to not drop it! Is there Teppanyaki in Saberkas? Don’t think so. Last time there used to be a Japanese restaurant at where Mango Tree was. They used to have Teppanyaki 🙂

    Not dropping the phone? Errr….hahhaa…. notice the scratches? But, I don’t know what they call that Japanese food. It’s round and it normally comes with either ham, cheese or cuttlefish.. They sell it at the ground floor of Seberkas.

  5. Wooooo.. new phone… I cannot go to Saberkas or any phone shop lar.. Cos after those, I’ll go back home to google then start to get headache, then not long after that I’ll get myself a new hp. *LOL*

    We have the same ‘sickness’ =D

  6. Hey long time no news. Not bad on the review. Yes cell phone are killing. Mine cost RM2k++. lol. Samsung Omnia. But really worth it.

    Hi Bong!! How did you find me?? Wow, you got the Omnia, that is hell of a phone. Good business?

  7. why la you derma your phone to the fish…you kol dem also no use…he..he..joking. better giv it to me. I never change my handphone since 2 years ago.I try to change one year ago tapi the girl dekat wisma seberkas say sayang my motorola handphone yang paling kebal jatuh also still in gud condition so i just keep it til today he..he..and bought my nokia hp last one year too. Tapi i reali luv my new sony digital camera. Jangan jeles……if you terfikir want to derma your handphone 4 second time you better kol me first..aiseh..

    Well, I already got my Canon camera, so I’m a happy guy when it comes to cameras…hehe

  8. Nice blog…very informative
    What say you, do i need to change my Nokia 6500s? been with me since Feb 2007. As seen in my blog.
    Like your blog very much.

    Thanks for the compliment Simon. Well, I say… no need to change.. but then again, it depends on you. If there is certain functions that you want and need (like my desire to have a Wi-Fi enable phone)… then there is every reason to upgrade.

  9. Yea! So I will be expecting another handphone review rather soon after you want to replace this (new) one? 🙂

    Will be using this until it gets spoil.. I hope.. =D

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