Sour Grapes or Just Bitter?


I attended the official announcement of the Sia Sitok JoHaRa Era competition at AMP’s office today. With me was another 10 hopefuls, although I wouldn’t say I was really ‘hoping to win the RM20K’.

Of course, deep down I’d love too.. but after checking out the official forum, and the effort posted by some of the rest, I figured top ten was good enough for me. I didn’t even go all out to be honest. Work and tiredness was a major obstacle. Time was a factor too.

Anyway, with time being an issue for me (always knew it was when I decided to sign up for the competition), I strategized. The duration of two weeks (14 days) was long, and I’m expecting myself not being able to capture any photos on one of those days. On top of that, there’s the cameraman issue. I don’t have anyone to count on to hold the camera for me, and experience tells me, I need someone which can actually bring out that ‘crazy’ me.

So, I decided, lets do everything in 3 days, and try to cover as much as I can. Nothing in the T&C said I couldn’t pre-plan my photos, so yeah! Game on!

Dragged Amiey, Rodz and Peter. Rodz was amazing. He actually sprang me the idea of doing a video for the competition (much to the delight of seeing that they do want a video!!). Put in numerous shirts at the back of my car, and went around town capturing images as if it was taken for two weeks.  It was fun, really!

After that, it was the easy part of simply uploading 3 images daily =)

The video was indeed a bonus for me. To be honest with you all, I actually love the video. Yes, it was weird making a ‘talk show’ kind of video, and I do feel I suck big time in front of the camera, but after editing it… it does kind of look cool! To date, it has over 250 views collectively on both Youtube and Vimeo. That’s a huge deal for me. Thank you for the support!

Anyway, I’m not sure if the video helped me get into the top 10, but yep… I was in and got myself some cash for that. Iza didn’t mention my standings, and she also didn’t tell if videos gave more points.

Now, here’s why I call this post ‘sour grapes or just bitter?’. You see, upon winning, some of the hopefuls complained that the whole competition is ‘not fair’ and the winner doesn’t deserve to win. Uhh, sounds like sour grapes yeah? Topping that is the calls for the winner, Mr Idris to ‘sponsor’ everyone.

Seriously, Idris played to the game well. He strategized and his strategy won him RM20K. He played within the confines of the rules, and came out on top, and if you ask me, the RM20K came from his hard effort chasing after the ERA Cruisers, and playing to the weakness of the point system in the competition, which gives a huge 30 points (if I’m not mistaken) for newspaper appearances and places with lots of people, compared to the minimal 2 points (again, if I’m not mistaken) awarded when just sending in a photo regarded ‘ordinary’.

Chasing ERA Cruisers, going to a packed stadium with the standee, taking photos with the standee in front of hundreds of people, and also beside YB Fadillah, going to events just to get a photo with the standee.. Kitak orang ada?? hehehhe

As for the ‘sponsor’ thing, uhhhh.. I just dislike it when people ask someone to ‘sponsor’ them because they have won something, particularly when its obtained through their ‘hard earned effort’. I’ve talked about this here (do check it out).

Mun aku dapat RM20K tek, aku akan tunaikan janji ngan semua yang terlibat SECARA LANGUSNG dalam kejayaan ya, dan sponser sepa-sepa yang terlibat secara sik langsung tapi sikda mintak sponser. Yang mintak sponser, sorry lah k? Mun aku sponser pun aku rasa macam sik ikhlas ba.. bagus sik boh jak. Tapi yalah, sikda menang. dapat RM550 jak. Cukuplah untuk sponser dirik makan Pintu Suci & bayar minyak pake mbak JoHaRa ari ya =)  Mun mok sponser agik, bukan untung menang, tapi defisit endah klak. So paham2 lah, ho?

So dudes and babes, Johan said “Usaha tangga kejayaan, tapi kalau nak cepat naik lift“.. and many hopefulls were using the stairs. Idris used the lift and he beat the rest, and he deserved it by all means. Congrats man! (On another note, the winner somewhat did sound a little cocky after he won, so yeah…)

P/s If anyone from Era FM is reading this, does my video bring in marks. Maok tauk bha.. =P

Photos all from ERA FM FB Page.


  1. Dang I just read this. Dude, the compliments is too much for me hahahaha I was just helping since I was in town that day, after all, it was fun to do it 😛 Anyway, congrats on being the top 10 bro!

  2. Hello Cyril,
    Just watched the video on youtube, you had me giggling all the way !! I think it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that the video helped, it added personal touch which is very crucial in engaging your audience.

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