I attended the Tomorrow’s Leader’s Summit and helped my fellow bloggers get passes to the summit as well.

I met a lot of interesting people, and I believe good friendships were built as a foundation towards better things particularly in making non-Sarawakians understand Sarawak better.

Nonetheless, I am happy to see that there was a ‘spark’ among young adults during this summit which I foresee would lead towards a greater future generation.  I believe the younger generation has so much potential, and it is only right for them to go for their dreams and help make things happen for their love of the state and nation.

I agree with Bernard Hor that adults and parents should realize that youths should not be labeled as ‘ignorant’, ‘un-responsible’ and ‘less responsive’ because it is when we label them in a negative perspective is that they can be just that…

Instead, let’s help them build their potential, and give them the opportunity to flourish as the greater minds they are.

With that said,

Let’s look at the positives, and build on it.  We don’t need negativity when we want to grow.



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