Specialist are a special breed in my books. Not many can claim to be a specialist if it was in the 80’s or 90’s, but the trend seems to be changing. I have noticed that practically everyone or anyone can claim themselves ‘a specialist’ in a certain field. I see that most are ‘self claimed’. On top of that, we also now have of sorts of specialist, many of the names we may have not known about.

I think in general terms, we basically go ‘Wow!’ when we know someone is a specialist. It’s a glamorous title.

Well, a personal view of mine would go to the extend of saying ‘a specialist shouldn’t be self claimed, but should be a title given by others’. It’s sort of like being famous. You don’t claim it, you earn it, and it’s people around you that gives out such a statement in regards to yourself.

A comic I found over the internet

Back again at ‘The Specialist’. I have no objections or issues with those claiming to be a specialist. Probably it makes them feel good, and it builds confidence in those claiming as such. It is in fact a good marketing tool!  Either way, when a person claiming to be a ‘specialist’ isn’t anywhere special in the field he/she is working in, doesn’t that somewhat spoil the market and the ‘special’ title?

I’m merely saying, why not you tell me…

*I’m not a specialist, but I believe I am special =)

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