Sports Betting in Malaysia


There has been so much hype over the government’s move to legalize sports betting in Malaysia. The vast majority seems to disagree with its implementation, and subsequently was able to reverse the decision of the government to continue banning sports betting. This I believe comes with a huge cheer from the illegal bookies running gaming sites as they tend to be able to earn more money.

Yes, I am bitter about the reverse of the decision because I believe that it’s high time that the government legalized sports betting. From my point of view, gambling and prostitution are two things which are both different in nature. Prostitution can’t be legalize because it’s morally wrong, and it would encourage adultery, and it’s also unfair to wives. Sports betting on the other hand only makes you loose money, although there will be SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES if one shall to do it irresponsibly.

I believe that the government can earn so much money through tax revenues shall they legalize sports betting. In that sense, we could look at the gambling outlets in Sarawak, where all these outlets are required to charge and extra 10 cents for every number purchased. This extra charge as I know, goes to the state government, and this is obviously easy income because number prediction punters spend at least RM10 a week, hence making it an easy RM1 for them. Now, imagine if Sports Betting was doing the same, only charging more… the Malaysian government can expect millions in a year, and all this revenue can be channeled to improving education, communication, transport and health. In fact, I even think revenue for a new Sarawak General Hospital is possible within two years or shorter!

Like it or not, gambling is a daily thing for everyone. No matter what religion you are, you gamble everyday with the decisions you make, the paths you choose. When gambling starts to involve money, it does get a little more exciting and dangerous, but we should do it responsibly to avoid any after effects, and one has only himself/herself to blame shall he/she loose money due to gambling.

As for some which claim that gambling is banned and disallowed in their religion, well… let me ask you one question: “why are you so concern about other people’s well beings when it is his/her sin and money?” Please do not politicize religion. It only shows how low you are if you do.

I know, I don’t have strong points here, but I believe that anything is possible with thought and careful consideration, with the spirit of openness. When you harp on the negative things even before trying, you will never progress.


  1. KeeMan:
    Thanks bro. Hahaha. yes.. and we havent touch on other things, right?

    Good points there bro!

    🙂 Bookies are a happy lot due to the decision 🙂

  2. Sports betting should be legalized. The government should realize that this “money pot” could earn them money through the tax and gambling operating license. Without it being legalized, bookies are free from tax thus makes them earn more profits since they are also practicing unlimited betting schemes.

    No tax/license + Unlimited betting = Surplus cash flow

  3. It’s a stupid mistake to u-turn. There are pros and cons in both, but as this government is running us down to the ground with a deficit each year (God knows where the money ends up!), they should’ve regulated it, and had that “non-muslim” welfare fund. I suppose maybe it doesn’t benefit their own pockets, considering it’s duit haram (I wonder what happens to revenues generated by 4D and Genting if muslims claim it’s duit haram!).

  4. Well said bro! Well said!

    If taking “religion” as an excuse, then government should indeed ban “SMOKING” or “cigarettes” sales for that matter! Not only you’re wasting money, but harming your own health! Now, why don’t those people “bising” about that? Coz people like to smoke? 😛

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