…Still, hunting for treasure…


I think Kuching bloggers are really busy nowadays.  It’s down to the wire.  Benjamin a.k.a Ben would send us text messages at 9am, and the hunt is on.  Everyone is excited to get their hands on jewelery after Amiey’s recent success on the launch of the ‘Minex Jewellery Finder’s Keepers’ Christmas Treasure Hunt

It’s been 3 days since the launch, and all three jewellery boxes hidden has been found by bloggers, or rather found by someone whom is really close to a blogger.  Secrets are shared on where to scout for the jewellery on Justin’s blog.  I have to admit that Ben’s riddles has been really difficult for me.  Maybe I don’t know Kuching that well, so I’m always off track 😛

The weekend passed and I spent my days at my parents’ house.  Coincidentally, the community there was having carolling, so I joined in to represent the family.  I know, I did say that carolling is boring… but, well… it’s a community thing, so yeah.. why not. Caroled for a few houses, and as usual, I camwhored through it.

Found this ‘decoration’ by one of my parents’ neighbours rather interesting 😛

Anyway, I’ll be waiting for tomorrow’s riddle form Ben.  I hope he would still be updating us bloggers via SMS even though his jewellery chain’s website http://minexjewellery.com is already up and running.  Also hope to make it to MV Doulos tomorrow.  Hopefully, it wouldn’t rain.

The weather has not been kind to Kuching these few days, and it looks like rain would be a cold company for the next few days also.  Frankly, I am worried that my plans to go to Miri by car this 22nd to 28th would be washed away by flash floods which seem to be drowning most major cities and trunk roads in Sarawak.  If that was not the case, then it wouldn’t fit to go all the way to Miri by car, if you can’t make short pit stops at major towns in Kuching due to the rain. This would be a real blow to my plan 🙁 .  Just hope it shines again really soon!!

*Updates on 18 Dec 2008; 2231*

Trip to Miri via car has been cancelled due to the bad weather and un-avoidable circumstances.  The treasure hunt was done in the rain, with nothing to show off… and we bloggers don’t get riddles via SMS anymore.  Apart from the warmth company of Emy, it’s been a less than exciting day, and everything just don’t adds up anymore *SIGH*


  1. It’s been raining everyday… which is good also because it will hinder ppl to search hahaha… At least less ppl searching and today’s is *blur*

    Irene’s last blog post..JJ Lin in Kuching

    Less people also hard to find. Spent like 3 hours braving the rain, and found nothing. Went to Kuching Waterfront 3 times, and NOTHING… and then, heard its found. Kind of disappointed, but yeah… that’s how treasure hunt’s work.

  2. OH gosh, people really want these jewelry? good for them. I have never feel excited about it. I don’t know why. It’s no surprise that bloggers will get the jewelry because they are the ones who really surf the net compare to other people who don’t blog or read newspaper. Hahaha

    The weather is becoming worst. But, i still wash my car…hahahah i hate dirty car and i don’t want any unwanted particles to be on my car’s body permanently. So i better wash them off before they become permanent residents of my car. Hahahah

    willie’s last blog post..Consumers’ Sovereignty

    joining in the search is kind of fun, and frustrating when you can’t find it, and you’re right about the car thing. Sadly, I don’t like washing my car, and prefer to pay others to do it for me(a.k.a car wash). So, to wash, and see it get dirty again, is like throwing money down the drain..hehhe

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