Stop The Malaysian Allah Issue


I think, a good majority of 80% Malaysians are sitting down at home worried of what shall become of their beloved country, Malaysia. As I sit down, in front of my computer screen, refreshing the news portals I’ve been frequenting these few days, I can’t help but feel pain and sadness creep into my heart.

What has become of peace loving Malaysia? What has become of the 1Malaysia propaganda? Just because of a few ‘extremist’, now we all live in fear. It is not only the Christians, but everyone is worried.

Churches are the main target, and politicians and NGOs are playing their drama. Amusingly, those whom I see on TV, burning the hatred flame and rallying their supporters by the numbers, are the same people whom try to make up for what mistake they have caused by pretending to offer ‘help’ to those whom are under fire, yes literally.  Are these people sincere? I think it is between God and them. I can’t judge, nor do I want to condemn them for being kind enough to offer their help. Like I said, it is between God and them. We can’t possibly make assumptions. Not at this time esspecially.

I read blogs, I read news, I listen to news, I watch TV… and all say similar things. It is under control, and everyone should remain calm. I agree. Yes, so much. This issue is putting a strain in so many other things which are inter-related. If I were to mark in the calender the darkest day of my life as a Malaysian… It will be the first 2 weeks of 2010. Never had I seen Malaysians being so cheap, so ignorant, so insensitive and so ridiculous over anything.

And to top that up, it’s fighting for what? Answer: GOD, TUHAN, ALLAH… or what ever His name could be now.

I think all this has to stop. For the sake of peace and harmony. For the sake of our love ones, and for the sake of our nation and our God within our own beliefs.

Stop posting and sharing articles on this issue. Stop hurling abusive words or racist words. Stop trying to champion anyone. Stop pointing fingers. Stop the drama. JUST STOP ALL THIS NONSENSE!! Let the religious decide collectively, and we abide obediently. No NGOs, No court, and No Politics.  After all they(the religious people) know best, as we(inclusive of NGOs, politicians, lawyers etc) just claim to be of our own faiths, but most probably know less then they do.

Because, if this situation continues, there will be no happy ending as NO ONE GAINS but EVERYONE FEELS THE PAIN.


  1. Hi Cyril, I agree with u abt the 1st 2wks of 2010 being a dark period for Malaysians. It saddens me that Malaysia is not the same Malaysia I used to know. I hope and pray all will be well cos rite now, what we all need is peace.
    Im bck frm MIA. Haha.

    We all hope it will end on a good note. Welcome back =D

  2. You know Cyril, i always regret coming to your blog because everytime I do so, I will leave with trains of thoughts running around my head !!!

    I just had to get my thoughts out, and like I have said before, I do not intend to throw everything here. You have just made me do a blog entry on this black friday thing.

    To summarize what I have said in my blog, the issues have always been there, the “Allah” hoo haa was just a trigger that gushed out all the pressed in dramas.

    Allaaa.. don’t regret. =D I never saw my post as ‘thought provoking’, and for you to say it is, is a huge compliment. I’ve visited ur post on this issue, and again, I say I’m proud that I triggered you write such a beautiful post.

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