What Is You Choice?


Yet another day has passed.  Its has been quite interesting yet so much confusing for me.  Within a few days, so much I for see can happen.

I accidentally bumped into my uncle, and also an old friend today, and while I was with a colleague (I’d rather not mention names), it does seem that a particular question seems to pop up so frequently these few weeks, days… and even hours.

Maybe its because two of my uncles just got married(one will begetting married this weekend).  Maybe its because most people are tying the knot after they have found a stable job… or maybe its just because its me.  Either way.. its kind of stressful to hear the same question over and over again… and me, being me, giving the lamest of answers I can ever think off.

I think its bad enough that I always get the question “When are you getting married?”, and now.. I already have to deal with the question.. “What’s the type of girl you’d choose?”.

Man, its not easy to answer these questions.. and I do prefer to keep them inside and not tell.  I did tell one of my colleague (also not wanting to mention names), and he said I have high taste… which I replied with a raised eyebrow… I ponder upon his statement, but hell!!, its nothing to burst my brains out for.  I guess, when you meet the right one.. you meet ’em… and that’s when you know you’re ready for bigger things.

Em… think about it….what is considered a good choice? (You know what I mean!)


  1. Interesting….
    High taste eh u? hehe…
    Well, its a matter of preference…But I believe God has his plans for each and everyone of us…Just trust Him to lead u to Her. 😉

    As for that question, “When are you getting married?” – that really irritates me cos I have a male colleague who loves to ask me and my other female colleagues that question for no apparent reason….Really annoying!

  2. Don’t think so much about it la hahaha… Just let them be, don’t have to be so stress about it, when it comes, it comes. It’s not worth to think so much and take those questions so personally unless you are desperate for one. If you are not desperate that tkae it easy, I usually treat these questions like in one ear out one ear *LOL* Besides, we’re still young and there’s still lots of things that are waiting for us to do.

  3. mar
    >>> yeah, I’ll heed your advice.. and to ‘the question’.. arrgghhh.. it is annoying!!

    >>> sometimes, I do that.. I mean ignore it and not be bothered. But sometimes.. it really pisses you off..


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