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I’m just spreading the word here…

There will be a Street Photography Meet-up organized by Sarawak Bloggers this coming Sunday (29 August 2010), at 8:15am, and you are invited to come.

No matter what camera you have, you can attend. Even if it’s a phone camera.  I’m only using a CANON IXY25IS, which is a point and shoot digital camera.  It’s not really about the images, but it is about making new friends and building up networking.  As a bonus, you get to know how to get good images for street photography because we will have some sort of sharing from street photography enthusiast Robin Wong (click his name to check out his images).  There will be also a few good amateur photographers (Norman Goh Photography, Fahriee Photography just to name two which has confirmed) attending, and I bet those with DSLR would learn a thing or two from each other.

So… free yourself up, and come down to the Sarawak Tourism complex.  As one of the key people behind this event, I am not worried about the figures because figures counts for nothing when it comes to getting together.  After all, it’s a free and easy event, and we try to make it as casual as possible.  The time of meet-up is set to enable us to group up, and formally introduce ourselves, and yeah…. there will be a short (about 10 minutes) sharing about street photography as I mentioned above.  So, I’ll see you this Sunday perhaps? Remember, 8:15am. More information available here.

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