Student Having Sex in School


I’m not sure if you came to this article because of the title, or because you happen to be an avid reader of my humble blog.

Either way, if you came here because of the topic, then it just serves a point I’d like to stress here.

Malaysian Malay Schoogirls

You see, in blogging, or in any written article, not many would want to read what is written between the lines, and many choose to simply jump to their own conclusion.

For instance an article by Coffee Girl entitled “A thought of Faith“.  I believe she had very valid points, but then again, some readers took it as she was having a ‘distrust issue’ over her religion, and asked her to consider converting to another religion which I may not mention.

Another would be the photo below about St Joe going private.

Private St Joe Kuching News

I bet many will go “Wow… so it will go private! So it’s gonna be like Lodge School where it’s only for the rich. That’s NO.. NO.. NO!!”… but then, if you read the article, you’d notice that the privatization is still not confirmed, and no details are yet to be released by either the state education department and St Joseph’s school administration.  Well, I must add, this is a move I welcome due to reasons I can’t say here =)

Another instance is the case of the Valentine’s Day which some religious scholars in Malaysia believe to be related and observed by the Church.  They sparked anger and frustration across Christians in Malaysia and probably across the globe when they said “Valentine’s Day is a Christian tradition which promotes illicit sex”, and to top that up, some people go to the extend of condemning Christianity just because they heard/read bits and pieces on it.  No one, even those issuing statements to their religious faithfuls, consulted the Christian scholars before making such damaging statements.  They just ASSUMED, and they ASSUMED wrongly, and hence making things turn bad.

I have also come across a few of my readers leaving comments after failing to understand what I have written.  I believe my written English isn’t that hard to understand, and in my defense, a majority of my readers do comment in context to what I have written.  Only a few comment blindly, or is it a case of ‘lack of proficiency in English?”.

My point precisely is that, don’t jump to conclusions just by reading the headline, but instead… read everything and understand something properly before making your conclusion.  It’s indeed facts that when you make conclusions out of minimal knowledge, you tend to create more damage, and probably end up embarrassing yourself.

'Baju Kurung' Uniform

And as for the topic above, it’s just a catchy title meant for those not reading the text I have written in between, but just in case some REALLY didn’t read and just ASSUMED, I included all the ‘related photos’ which in this post except one which is about St Joe, so that we can see who just reads the headlines, miss-judges and then starts making abusive comments.


  1. You can attract people by putting up the “Controversial” title, & yet the content is nothing to do with it. I like it. When someone ignore the main content of a certain topic, it can bring misconception or misunderstanding to him or her. St Joseph is going to privatize, well I agree with it as it can govern everything from A-Z without having to comply with government policies. There is nothing wrong with it since this school began its business, many rich people willing to donate their money to upgrade this school.

  2. I was attracted by the title. Thought you’d be sharing some 3gp/mp4 files. LOL!

    If St Joe goes private,I’ll be the forst to enroll my kid there to reserve a place for when he’s entered schooling age.

  3. Bravo Cyril! Not a word out of context, I definitely like the way you put it, and not just because you bring the traffic to me (that too. Thank you)

    A day of lust, is it? My God… it’s getting worst. Where in statistics does it say babies born out of wedlocks are cause by Valentine’s Day? people have sex out marriage all the time, why blame it on V day? the more you try to stop it, the more it will happen. Poor St Valentine was a martyr for nothing, to be brought down this low by people who clearly understand very little.

    Are we the only ones who understand that it’s a day of LOVE, and not lust? oh wait… maybe if you’re one-track minded.

    • Heheh.. loving the way you put things down =)

      and no prob about the link (although I doubt I increased your traffic significantly coz my blog is just small time).. but hey, Thanks!!

  4. that’s how typical humans think.
    they see the title, they assume, and then they spread it.
    who cares bout references, citations, and even logic?

    and your title is catchy enough, i must say. LOL

    btw, thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. You know Cyril,

    I have been facing difficulties in teaching my students to read correctly and understand simple sentences. And because they could not understand what they have read, the fail to answer the comprehension questions well.

    The same goes to blog. We have readers who come from different background and probably some of our readers may not be fluent in English. Thus, they fail to understand what we wrote. OR… there are people who just want to drop by our blog and leave whatever comments for the sake of leaving comments and then hoping that we will visit their blogs.

    In some cases, just like you, I am actually disappointed with readers who fail to provide the right comments. Comments that are out of context or topic as if they have never understood what I have written. As far as I am concerned, I am also using a simple English.

    Worst, when people misinterpret what we wrote and the readers become offended and abusive.

    Well, Cyril, probably we too have to put a mirror in front of ourselves and start reading other people’s blog with care and provide comments that are not out of context. When we write, just be sure that our words are clear and precise.

    P/s : For me, writing blog is actually a good way to enhance my writing skill. Hahaha! What about you Cyril?

    • Oh yeah.. you hit a clear mark there bro, an your suggestion is as valid as it gets.

      As for enhancing writting skills via blogging, well, for me, it does in a way.. but I enjoy the part where I get to lease out my opinions more. =)


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