Stupidity & Disability


Just a quick one from me today as I’m drowning in a hefty load of workload.

Too often do we see parking spaces designated for the disabled, being misused for the able. The sign below was shared by Silas over Facebook, and I figured, it’s a good way to put things.

Your thoughts?

p/s: I’m not sure who captured the image, but all credit goes to you!!!


  1. I have recently made friends with a National Athlete who is on a wheelchair for most of his life. He has shared many stories on how this country in general, both the government as well as its people, lack the consciousness and willingness to be considerate towards disability in general. There were so many discrimination stories, and how our society seem to “look down” on the disabled group.
    It was indeed very disheartening listening to this friend’s sharing. Nonetheless, not all is lost, because this friend of mine, though wheelchair bound, has one of the strongest fighting spirit I have ever seen. He was in National basketball team representing Malaysia for a competition in Dubai last month. Also, he is among-st the most inspirational photographer I have seen. I was proud to be walking alongside him during the Bersih rally.

    So to answer your question, yes, I fully agree, stupidity is NOT disability. To strive for a better nation, our mentality as Malaysians will surely have to mature first.


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