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The Rainforest World Music Festival(RWMF) is coming very soon, and so is the Bloggers@RWMF’09. Bloggers@RWMF’09 is a side event to the RWMF.   This event (bloggers@RWMF) is suppose to co-exist with the RWMF, and runs on minimal cost, with very last minute planning, and will be held for the very first time. With that in mind, here is some information on the Bloggers@RWMF’09. I will only update this page starting from today, in regard of this event. If you are helping to promote this event (May God bless you!!), do re-link all links to this new page so that everyone can get the latest info.

Okay, for starters… This event is supported and endorsed by the Sarawak Tourism Board (STB), which are also the organizers of the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF). With that, STB was kind enough to offer a 3 day special pass at RM180 per blogger, which is very cheap if compared to the RM250 per head available for public. The discounted tickets are made available to all ACTIVE blogger until 2359 hours, 5th July 2009 (You need to contact me for the tickets). After this time, you have to get the individual daily pass at the main entrance which is RM100 per head. Most bloggers, including myself, have opted for a one day pass which is RM90 per person. Purchase of such tickets can be made here before 2359 hours, 8th July 2009.

The main objective of this event is to bring bloggers together, regardless of background. Other objectives include creating awareness of the RWMF, and help STB gain a truthful and honest insight of the whole RWMF. Also noted is the fact that this is a great opportunity for bloggers to expand their networking, and of course to make new friends. And how can you forget the fact that everyone will get to enjoy the RWMF!

So far, there is no restriction on dressing, as you are required to be your very own self, and basically come and enjoy the event. If you have been to the RWMF before, just do what you do… Rules and regulations are in accordance to what the organizers of RWMF has published.

The suggested tentative at the moment is as follow (as of 4th July):
1255 – Gathering of bloggers at SCV
1300 – Meet & Greet, small talk, intro..blah blah…. Group photo is a must!! Might be a game or two.
1400 – Workshop (You guys go enjoy the RWMF workshop la)..
1730 – Meet & Greet again. Maybe dinner together.. or whatever. Group photo. Preparation for concert.
1900 – RWMF concert. Free time for all… Do what you want, where you want.
2359 – Go home, sleep… Dream of what you want to blog about..hehe..
*I will alter the tentative if there is any good suggestions.

Maybe some are wondering.. why make it at 1300 hours? Why not before the concert or what? Well, I was told that the RWMF is more than just a concert or the biggest party in Sarawak. It has it’s own objectives, and that is why I decided that 1300 hours is appropriate for us to get together, know each other, and we will have some games with some prizes to give aways. Then, you are free to join any workshop you please, and learn about what the RWMF is all about…

The second session/meeting @1730 (expected after the work-shop) is rather informal. I know, most would like to come for the concert, and some would skip the workshops. This is the gathering which all would be able to attend. Most likely, you guys will have to pay for your own dinner, but we can sit together and share stories. Nothing fancy would happen during this time, except photo shooting. The Sarawak Cultural Village would be full and crowded, so we have to make do with what we have. The venue of the first and second gathering/meeting is within SCV, but I am trying to get a better or more specific location so that you will know where to head once you get into SCV.

I think, that covers almost everything. If you have questions, do ask. I don’t bite.

Anyway, If you have a ticket, and you happen to be a blogger, and you intend to join us and meet fellow bloggers at the RWMF, why not leave a comment below (stat what time you want to come to the RWMF), and I will enlist you as an attendee… Come on.. let’s rock this year’s RWMF!!!

One more thing, food, drinks and any other things (as of the time I write this post) are on your very own tabs… UNLESS… well…. someone does feel generous enough to sponsor us. FYI, those whom are helping in this event (bloggers@RWMF) are volunteers, and are not getting any payment in any possible way, so paham-paham la why nothing is free…Hopefully, next year we can squeeze something better.

Forgot to say, the RWMF is holding a preview of the whole event at the Kuching Amphiteater, just beside the Sarawak Club (if you don’t know la).  It will be at 7:00pm, and everyone is invited. Entrance is FREE, and for those bloggers whom can turn up, do contact me because officials of STB want’s to meet you guys!!

Additional Info@10:50am, 5th July 09 The gathering will be held at the SCV Restaurant. Do look out for us when you get there… Will put up maybe some sort of poster or what.  E-mailing STB for confirmation now. Special offer tickets for bloggers are now close.  Bloggers, no matter what you blog about… do come.. its a free event!!

Additional Info@10:50am, 7th July 09 – Someone from Subang Jaya wants to sell their 3 day pass @RM150.  Contact her directly for details.  Postal/courier charges will be in the hands of the buyer.  You can contact me if you can’t click the link.

Additional info@ 11:45pm, 8th July 09 – The pre-gathering and the preview of the RWMF was a blast!!  Tickets for the 11th July to the RWMF are all SOLD OUT!!  Can’t wait now!!!  Meeting Keeman to discuss wth ice breaking tomorrow.

At the moment… they say said “Aiiieeeeee!!!!!” to the bloggers@RWMF’09:
-Myself (Kuching) –>CONFIRMED
Amiey (Kuching) –>CONFIRMED
Keeman (Kuching)–>CONFIRMED
Norman Goh (Kuching) –>CONFIRMED
Chegu Carol (Sabah) –>CONFIRMED
Mira212 (Miri) –>CONFIRMED
LadyBird (Miri) –>CONFIRMED
Gwen (Samarahan) –>CONFIRMED
Fahriee (Kuching) –>CONFIRMED
Uvanes Very (Kuala Lumpur)
Alus (Sabah) –>CONFIRMED
Mike Cheng (Kuching) –>CONFIRMED
Siaw (Kuching)
Walter John (Sabah)
Alus boyfriend (Sabah) –>CONFIRMED

Are you next on the list??


  1. Goodness gracious,
    How I wish I could join !! Oh well perhaps with a little planning I shall make it there next year. It is depressing to think that I am from Kuching and I have not even been to ONE RWNF before.

    Too bad Robin. Would be nice to have you around. Anyway, this is my first RWMF, so… I know how you feel.. hahaha..

  2. Hey dude! Thanks for your invitation, i would love to join if i can. Anyway, visit LKW booth in RWMF to get urself a temporary tattoo!! haha, hope to see you there, all the best, cheers!!

    Sempat promo. Give bloggers special discount la.. hehe.. some might be interested.. heheh.. See you later!

  3. By the way, where do we gonna gather?? which part of SCV?? xD

    I will update on that. STB has suggested a place, but I will have to re-confirm on thAt reaaly soon.

  4. I guess I’ll pass. 🙂 Won’t be going to Rainforest World Music Festival this year as well. Perhaps next year.

    Its okay Allen. Maybe next year =D

  5. Hi Cyril .. thanks for dropping by (& leave a comment) at my website … If this would have come to me earlier, i would have save RM70 🙂 … nevertheless, i am going again this year for the 3rd time … i dont really see myself as a (core) blogger, i just love photography – so i guess im not fit for the bloggers@RWMF thingy … neway, i will try to find you guys there … for the others, please take a look at my post about RWMF at

    Walter, It doesn’t matter really coz your photo’s are also on your very own website, and we call that photo-blogging. So, I do consider you a blogger. Even if you won’t say much on the event (technically or otherwise), you are most welcomed to join in and meet other blogger/photo-blogger. I put you in the list la… No harm done =D

  6. weiii bangga ku eh..nanga nama ku sorang jak wakil dari miri mmuuahahahaha..;p.

    ps-anyway, i’ll tag along 2 more sabahan bloggers with me for the rwmf preview. they are quite busy lately (no time to leave their url) and they will be arriving on the 8th jul (morning). boleh tolong sound stb punya gent to ‘transport’ us from santubong resort kelak kah? ;p

    Em.. If I can get their URL, it would be great. Boleh tambah bilangan di list =D

  7. now i wanna know where to meet up??
    i will be arriving in Kuching on the 9th July around evening…
    anything please email me..


    The gathering will be at the SCV restaurant. We do not have a proper place because everything seems to be fully booked, so look out for us. I will put a table card or something which says ‘bloggers gathering’. You can call me up if you are looking for me on the actual date. I will email you for my number.

  8. ehehe…. im from miri actually.. but currently studyin here in samarahan.. hehehhe.. im wit u ladybird! hahaha.. :p cant wait to see all of you there!! 🙂 greetingsss all!! 🙂

    Changed your location already =D

  9. sir, I really wanna go.. nama jak org kuching tp x pnah pgi!!.. haha… pksa nggu bduit lok la… spm blaja bna2

    Too bad Ben. Next year la.. after SPM.


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