Summing Up A Lousy December Early

When December came, it felt like a Friday. November was awesome, and I was definitely looking forward to December.

However, that feeling came and left.

Despite the lively Tweet-Up Kuching 2011, December presents nothing big to shout about.

Two major incidents triumph this December, and one of it has everything to do with the photo you see above.

Looks like I’m not gonna have that 2 year study break I wanted. With a week more to new year, and 4 more days to Christmas, I think and hope that the worst of December has passed.  If anything, I’d want a quiet and silent week ahead.  Friends, if you wish to contact me, whatsapp or text me please.  Don’t barge to my house unexpected because I hate those doing that.  I’m a very private person, yes, despite this blog and my tweets.  I share what I want to share.  I don’t share everything online.

To everyone, have a blessed Christmas, and if you are in town, why not drop by the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) and indulge yourself with some fantastic food, coupled with the loveliest Christmast decor in Kuching (as seen above).  If I’m not mistaken, BCCK opens daily for your to feast yourself and your family on the decorations, and there’s snow and live caroling too.

For me, I won’t be in town for a couple of days. Asked a friend to take care of my car while I’m away taking a break from my city life.  Just lucky this place does have internet too =)

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