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1. Ucap terima kasih & letakkan link orang yang memberi award ini.
Thanks to Dinang for the tag 🙂

2. Nyatakan 7 perkara tentang diri anda.
~1. I LOVE GADGETS be it electrical, electronic or mechanical gadgets… I just love them and I spend lots of money on them to the extend I wish that someone out there will have a very kind heart to give me the ultimate gadget of this era, the iPhone.

~2. I am very analytical and ambitious. So people say that to me. I look at risk and benefits, figure out what can be done to rectify problems, or avoid problems… Ever since I was young, I think ahead, and while people think of a 5 year plan, I’ll be thinking of a 20 year plan… and maybe due to that, I dislike short term solutions to problems.

~3. I have a ‘thing’ for girls with the ‘The Rachael haircut: first photo below’, and those wavy curls (second photo below). Don’t ask why…

~4. I love sports, but I practically suck at every one of them.  I can run very fast. I know, and I have the medals to prove it.  My personal time is 11.87sec (while in Form 2, and teachers used stopwatch and due to this, it is most likely that the time is inaccurate) and I used to run until I can’t feel my legs and end up winning something.  However, nowadays… when I run, I still can’t feel my legs, but nowadays, I always end up at the wrong end of the winning list 😛 Age catching up I guess.. LOL..

~5. I dislike poor management.  I think that poor management leads towards wastage, unhappiness and problems.  In line with that, I dislike people people whom are just plain lazy, and trouble others because they are lazy. Owh come on, grow up and do your own work…

~6. When I go shopping for something, and eventually make a purchase… I tend to still check other places to see if I got a good bargain.  Also, I do not mind to pay extra to get better service… and I do not like window shopping. If you do not have the money, better stay at home than drool over something you can’t own.

~7. I can’t do something I don’t believe in.  If I feel that the particular thing/product/job  would eventually lead to no where… I’ll prefer not to get involved and seek other opportunities/products which are more worth it.

3. Pass kepada 15 orang award ni.
As usual, I don’t wanna pass this to anyone.

4. Beritahu kepada 15 orang yang bertuah ni bahawa diorang dapat award ni.
Since I’m not passing this to anyone.. there’s no award to be given 😛


  1. Dee Loner:
    Awww.. Thanks for the award. 🙂

    Not so a secret if you know me well… LOL. Checking out other places after a purchase? hahaha.. thats a bad habit sometimes coz you tend to ‘sakit hati’ when you realized you just paid extra.

    Not really into blonde girls 😛 But really.. its more of the style of the hair, not the colour. Em, red hats are exception coz I don’t think red hair is attractive.

  2. So you have less 7 secrets to keep !!

    You totally have the same trait with me on point no 6. Yes, I do check several places for the best bargain of price, and also, I take into consideration the service I get from the salesperson.

    But but but I love window shopping !!

  3. Finally!!! 🙂
    Thanks for doing the tag…wow, now that’s 7 really interesting facts about you..ehee..I can understand men’s loving girls with sweet big wavy hair..most men I know do have the thing for that kind of women’s hairstyle.

    Anyway, I’m still going to award you (personally) a- INTERESTING BLOGGER AWARD-, though you’re not passing anything.. 🙂

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